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    What is Brave Browser & Reward Mechanism! [Complete Beginner's Guide]

    Brave  is an open source web browser that offers fast secure and private browsing by blocking ads and trackers.  

    According to net market share , he has 0,05% global desktop browser market share, and the company claims to have over 30 million  monthly active users and  7 million daily active users. 

    Accordingly, what is the story behind Brave, we will dive into -deep in origin on the brave .

    How does it work, how does the company make money and the concerns surrounding it? Relax and let's take a look! 👀👇 



    Brandon Eich grew up in Pittsburgh and after receiving his M.A. in 1985 from  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


    He went to work for the communications corporation Netscape . During these years, he created a new programming language called Javascript . Which is still one of the best improvements in the web development scene.

    At the beginning of 1998 Eich co-founded  of the free and open source software project  Mozilla , creating the website . Which is intended to manage open source contributions to the Netscape source code.  

    Aich got up CEO  of the company during the match, 2014. But only after  11 days  as CEO, he  resigned and left Mozilla.


    In May 2015, Eich and Brendan, a former Mozilla employee, founded Brave Software with the intention of creating a free, open-source web browser that would block online ads and website trackers by default.

    In 2016, the company managed to collect ICO  round of 4.5 million dollars,  which included founders, financiers venture partners with an angel engine. See the list of partners below the image!


    Pantera capital and Foundation capital, unlike traditional web browsers where ad blocking is done through a third-party add-on or extension.


    Braves Browser has this technology built in. A request not only to offer users more privacy, but also increased speed and performance. Especially when surfing the mobile web.   

    According to the benchmarks shared by Brave, the desktop version of the browser offers a speed increase of 40 % to 60 % and two to four times speed increase on mobile devices.


    Because of its ad blocking and script blocking features for mobile devices. Users will also see the -low battery consumption and data usage.


    The browser offers a variety of safety and security features, including support for encrypted shields to fingerprint data traffic, anti-phishing malware filtering, and the aforementioned script blocking.

    Brave Browser is more or less a standard browser that allows users to move to websites running web applications and display online content like other browsers. it's free to download and use. One thing to remember is site authentication information and can block sites from displaying online ads.


    It is based on chromium, a free and open source web browser sponsored by Google. It's the same technology that Google uses for its Chrome browser and Microsoft uses for Edge. The browser is available on many platforms including Windows Mac, IOS, Android and Linux. As mentioned, it focuses heavily on security and speed.  

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    Shield Function:-:

    The shields are one of the most important features in the bold browser. With shields, the website fights against malware and prevents tracking.

    So, saving your information in safety and Protection, design most web browsers including google chrome.


    Focus on collecting cookies. These small pieces of data are stored on users' computers while they browse a website. In turn, these websites may remember users' previous visits, including browsing history. 

    In turn, users have more personalized browsing, where their favorite sites remember their likes and dislikes, their purchase history, and more. Companies end up using this information to clog users' inboxes with ads good and bad cookies are not only used by websites.

    Whenever users visit their online stores, when they use an online search engine like Google, their movements are collected and sold to advertisers.  

    Unfortunately, these cookies and trackers  can be dangerous and are designed to collect your sensitive information for nefarious reasons such as identity theft.


    The brave ones shields  include blocking of advertising fingerprints, cookie control, block scripts and do not collect user personal information for added security.    

    However, it boldly allows users to adjust the default shield settings if they think they are too restrictive. Another bold feature is speed. 

    Brave claims that its web pages charge 3 times   faster than google chrome on computers and even faster on smartphones. The speed boost comes in large part because the browser can automatically block ads and trackers.  


    This means fewer downloads are required when users are online. It also uses up to 66 % less memory and 35 % less battery.  

    Brave initially received funding through the startup ICO of a basic sign of attention known as  BAT. Which is slowly being handed out as grants to new browser users. 

    Reward Mechanism-:)

    With the ultimate goal of increasing brave users and brave rewards. Which is their ad notification system that uses bold browser back end users can opt into the bold rewards feature.   

    Which sends micropayments back to websites and creators of content that must first be registered with the brave as  publisher . Users can either turn on auto-deposit, which automatically splits a set monthly payment in proportion to time spent, or they can send a manually selected amount called a tip.  

    While visiting the site or creator, when bold advertising rewards are shown to the customers of the company that paid for this one  advertisement.  

    Essentially monetize brave browsers and split up 70 % of brave users and ad viewers and 30 % on brave. The ad company does not collect personal information, but still considers your browsing habits to match your interests.  


    This information is stored on the user's devices and the ads are not intrusive. Instead, they appear as their own system notifications or background images in a separate tab.

    Brave Local Rewards choose which private ads to show you based on your browsing activity. Brave then uses an anonymous accounting process to validate event activity, keep personal data private and ensure people earn rewards for their attention.  

     In addition or users can also buy or sell BAT through bold relationships with  Uphold,  digital currency exchange operator.  



    Finally, the brave also offer firewall  and VPN  service for those who want extra protection on their ios device. Which is offered for  9.99 $ per month or 99.99 & per year.  



    In December 2018 the British one  Youtube content creator  Tom Scott  stated that he has not received any donations collected on his behalf by the brave browser. In a tweet, he stated that the daredevil was taking cryptocurrency donations for him and that they were unresponsive to his wishes to stop doing so.  

    Critics have stated that the system should turn on, not opt out and suggest creators start the signup process with a brave company that has released several updates and now tips are held in the browser and transferred if the creator signs up within 90 days.


    Otherwise, they are returned to the user. The most recent incident saw the browser auto-fill URLs to certain cryptocurrency sites with an affiliate link.   

    Which made bold money, but without informing the user of what happens in many countries to have laws requiring affiliates to disclose their relationship with the advertiser.

    If links of this nature are posted in addition to this being an unethical practice, they have probably broken some of these rules with their referral scheme.


    When a user enters the name or URL of certain cryptocurrency sites into the privacy browser. It will automatically redirect them to this site with a Braves referral code added to the URL by nance. The Coinbase and Trezor ledger  were among those sites that  I'm fine  sorry for the scheme. After it was discovered by users, it said it had been fixed and the company vowed not to do it again. 

    Brave awards like Brave Browser itself have a small footprint in the world, and yet it's something that can be caught as people become more concerned about privacy on the web and still recognize that companies need to make money to stay in business. Whether something like this will force companies like google to look for other ways to make big bucks remains to be seen.

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