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    What are the alternatives to Youtube? Odysee among the most preferred DVPs

    DVP, decentralized video platforms are now the most sought after and used. Censorship has reached unbearable levels.

    IN Youtube several cases where cryptocurrency content, anti-vaccine content, and many scientific studies simply disappeared. They were censored. The authors tried to complain and react against this restriction, giving evidence of what they were telling, but nothing changed.

    This is one of the reasons I choose to sync my Youtube channel with an Odysee account.

    So, I will continue to post my content on Youtube, BUT, on Odysee you will earn money for watching videos. Like Publish0x, where you can earn cryptocurrencies for reading articles. Doesn't that sound smarter?

    So what are you waiting for to join us at Odyssey and start making money watching videos? .

    You should check us out and support us! And who knows: maybe one day the partnership between Publish0x and Odysee will make the joint competition even more accessible!

    Decentralized platforms are increasingly necessary.

    A few days ago, a dear friend of mine told me that Facebook censored the following image:



    The image says that the following laws are from strongest to weakest: Constitution, European Laws, Common Laws, Regional Laws, Executive Rules, Habits.

    Well, yes, it's in Italian, but it's just a representation of the hierarchy of laws and institutions in Italy. I assume that a similar hierarchy exists in all countries. Nothing new under the Sun, as someone very famous once said.

    Anyway, the message my friend got was this:


    It's still in Italian, but the point is that the message he posted doesn't fit the community guidelines, and so the message is hidden from the community and only visible to the owner of the comment. Then he received the warning message: "The next time you share something about free thinkers and something that will help people open their minds, your account may suffer restrictions."

    Waiting for what?

    A person who publishes a normal hierarchy of laws in a country, directly mentioning a consulting firm that created this image for the purpose of immediate understanding of the matter ... cannot be published.

    He didn't say anything for or against vaccines. He did not comment on the political situation in Afghanistan. He was not denigrating Paralympic athletes.

    So what is this all about **

    That's one of the reasons I love it Publish0x. Offensive comments are prohibited, scammers are prohibited, but true information is allowed. There are many people with whom you can talk, talk, share thoughts.

    This is not a matter of censorship, it is a matter of improving the environment in which we live, of being able to connect with other people who may think in a similar way.

    This is one of the reasons I chose to go for the Odysee. I'm not saying I'm going to seek censorship. I'm just saying I'll try to make more points with more in-depth videos that I'm not sure I'll post on Youtube.

    Anyway, I thought moving my content might have a way to support this growing startup.

    Come and join us here on the Odysee !

    Let me know in the comments what you think about this censorship and how you avoid it. I don't like the word "fighting censorship" because what we fight against becomes powerful against us.
    We can avoid it. We can be like water: it can be closed, but it will look for another way. It can be blocked but NOT forever as gutta cavat lapidem (drop dig out the stone)

    Let me know your thoughts and feelings!

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