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    Right now we can say that the crypto market is volatile, as Bitcoin is crashing from its previous all-time highs, many new investors have shaken off the fear and greed index in the following suit and are showing us that the fear is real. In markets like this, people tend to get greedy when the reward leads to a fear of missing out and when the market turns red. Well, people often start panic selling. If you want to make money in crypto, this is not the way you want to approach your trades, instead of investing when others are afraid and being afraid when others are greedy now, even though it may seem the most right now difficult time to invest with the overall sentiment down I believe this could be the most profitable for all new investors looking to enter the crypto market. Every dip that we have, I just see it as an opportunity to get the same type of deals that a lot of investors got earlier this year. So, which cryptocurrencies should you consider looking into now and what will be the most profitable after reading this blog, you will have a complete idea of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now.


    1) Ethereum:

    By now you should have a good idea of what Ethereum is, if not I suggest you search the internet for information. Ethereum is currently the number two cryptocurrency that allows smart contracts and decentralized applications to run on its network and this cryptocurrency is proving to be much more than your usual store of value that they claim to be Bitcoin and allowing users to create and revolutionize in the world through the use of smart contracts. what is special about Ethereum is the seemingly limitless use case that ranges from creating a social media network to providing a repository for sending payments and even building networks of digital arts that we know as NFT, the future of Ethereum is bright , as it continues to make network updates to support growing usage demand.


    2) Polygon:

    It is a multi-chain scaling solution for Ethereum and the goal is to provide faster and cheaper Ethereum transaction using second layer sidechains. Ethereum scaling has always been a hot topic in the crypto niche in order to solve congestion and reduce gas fees due to the popularity of d5 products and applications using the Ethereum network. to make upgrades to a cryptocurrency like Ethereum, you need to scale the base layer, also known as layer 1 upgrade, or build on top of layer 1 block 1 using its existing elements, which we later call 2 solutions. Polygon's diverse approach allows them to create a long-term solution in case one of the scaling solutions fails.


    3) Chainlink:

    It is a decentralized oracle network that uses smart contracts to implement real-world solutions. I believe that the tie-in to the real application will prove to be a great investment over time, as the utility of this can be used by many different real-life markets. In this case, smart chain link contacts can be programmed to be distributed to workers in real time, reducing these several things, accounting, overhead, errors made in the system by human error and can provide immediate payment instead of waits 24 78 hours which most employers do, because smart contracts are found in blockchains, many believe that this will be the best form of digital agreements compared to third parties that we often have to use.


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