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    There is no best price for Bitcoin. There is only the price at which you choose to buy Bitcoin.

    In recent months, more and more people are becoming aware of Bitcoin. The CVD-19 pandemic (and its aftermath) provided a great impetus in this regard. As the flaws in the current monetary and financial system were exposed, Bitcoin's strengths were noticed by more and more people.

    I hear more and more people around me talking about Bitcoin. Not always good, of course. Some are provocative, but others seem genuinely interested in buying Bitcoin in the near future. When I ask them what prevents them from taking action, I often hear the same thing:

    "I want to make sure I'm paying the best price for my Bitcoin."

    Wanting to buy bitcoin at the best price is something that comes up often that I find. To all these people I explain something very simple: there is no such thing as a best price for Bitcoin. There is simply the price at which you choose to buy Bitcoin.

    Buying Bitcoin based solely on its spot market price makes no sense if you understand why Bitcoin

    Your decision should not be about the price of Bitcoin, but rather about the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the phenomenal potential of its revolution.

    After all, what makes you think that a bitcoin price of $40,000 is the best price? Nothing. You can wait even longer until its price drops to $35000. And then you can still wait for it to potentially drop below $30000 if it ever does. And even if the price of bitcoin drops to $30k, what guarantee do you have that this is the best price for bitcoin? People bought it 30 times cheaper than you for $1K… This reasoning will get you nowhere.

    You should focus on the reason for Bitcoin, its fundamentals, and the potential for its utility to users to grow in the future.

    Bitcoin is a P2P payment system that belongs to everyone. This open payment system has no leader. No one controls Bitcoin. So anyone can freely participate in the network to ensure that the rules written in Bitcoin's source code are followed. Bitcoin allows you to build your own version of the truth , which you will constantly compare with that of other participants in the network. Nothing is forced on you with Bitcoin.

    Your purchase of Bitcoin should be motivated by its fundamentals and the potential for its utility to grow in the future

    At the core of Bitcoin is its consensus algorithm, the so-called Proof-of-Work. An algorithm that gives Bitcoin the upper hand and will be maintained no matter what. This is a prerequisite for Bitcoin's future success. Bitcoin's program monetary policy and its limited supply of 21 million units give you essential guarantees in a world that is more volatile than ever.

    With Bitcoin, you can store the fruits of your labor in the world's most secure decentralized network. No one can come and confiscate your money or stop you from using it as you wish as long as you have the private keys. Remember this golden rule: not your keys, not your bitcoins .

    I fundamentally believe in Bitcoin because I think it meets a need that will continue to grow in the future: the need to protect the fruits of one's labor from the ravages of inflation in a way that resists censorship. In a world where more and more politicians will seek to impose a mass surveillance society on us with their CBDCs, and where central bankers will continue to dictate their rules by printing fiat money endlessly, Bitcoin will be your best alternative to you break free

    Bitcoin allows you to regain control of your life by guaranteeing you three basic freedoms:

    • Freedom to send BTC
    • Freedom to get BTC
    • Freedom to HODL BTC

    Combined, these three freedoms allow you to live your life on your own terms. There is no reason to believe that the Bitcoin revolution will not succeed. I am convinced of this, but it is only my personal belief. Obviously I cannot and will not give you any guarantees in this regard.

    Final thoughts

    The real questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to buy Bitcoin are:

    • Do I believe in the utility of Bitcoin?
    • Do I believe in the desire of more and more people in the future to have the freedom to live their lives on their own terms?

    If you answer these two questions the way I and all other bitcoiners do, then you will know that your best bet for the future is to buy bitcoin and HODL no matter what. You will stop wasting your time looking for a hypothetical better price for Bitcoin and focus on what this revolutionary monetary and financial system can do for you.

    The key is here. It's up to you to conquer it.

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