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    The crypto question you should think about

    Your chance to accumulate bitcoins at these "cheap" price levels will soon be over. The Bitcoin market is about to heat up so much that many will miss this great opportunity and be left in the shadows wondering what exactly happened. While I believe that the value of Bitcoin will most likely increase up and to the right forever, I also believe that this cycle may be the last chance to be able to make life-changing profits by buying into Bitcoin. The same goes for ethereum.

    Yes, I know how crazy it sounds for me to say that bitcoin at $ 45k and ethereum at $ 3.3k are incredibly cheap right now. That they are the ticket to changing your financial destiny. And I also know that for many; getting 1 full ethereum is already a very difficult task, while getting a full bitcoin is probably already impossible. You're not late and you haven't missed your chance yet... But let me be honest, this is your last chance.

    I am guilty of being extremely bullish on where I think the market is going. This is based on what is happening in the world, what the coins bring to the table, and also how tired the world is of corrupt governments and spending. This is not financial advice, but I see Bitcoin reaching at least $150-200k before the end of the year and hitting $1 million before the end of the decade. As for ethereum, I see it reaching $ 12-18k by years end and over $ 100k before the end of the decade. With prices like these, you don't need to accumulate full bitcoins to change your life. But the more you have, the better off you'll be. Also with ethereum, it is currently very possible to accumulate multiple Ethereum coins if you budget and work hard. Pretty soon that won't be the case.

    What is the point of this article? This is not a price prediction post or anything like that. This is more of a warning. You need to start working now to unlock your future success. Lately there was a thought I was obsessed with and it was also my biggest fear. In my dreams I saw where the prices would go and I also saw that the amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum I was able to buy kept dropping and dropping to an extremely small amount. I've seen this happen for years. When I first started investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum, I was able to easily buy 0.05-0.10 BTC every paycheck with no problem. I can also buy a handful of full ETH coins. Now fast forward to today and I can no longer afford to rack up those same numbers with every paycheck. What I was buying back then would equate to about $25,000 or more with each paycheck. Now think about it, most experts believe that the Bitcoin/Ethereum market is very young and that we are just getting started. If prices rise to these insane levels, how much could you accumulate then? Our best hoarding days are long gone.

    That's why I've become obsessed with building my passive cryptocurrency income so I'll still be able to accumulate levels that satisfy me even when prices go up. If I can get 0.02 BTC every month passively. This number will not change due to the volatility of its USD value, but will always be 0.02 BTC. The same goes for ethereum.

    I focused on two areas; Bitcoin and Ethereum lending and Ethereum mining/staking. When I started, I was immediately disappointed by the low returns I felt I was getting. But just as it is in all financial markets; it takes money to make money. To make significant profits from these methods, you must either have a significant amount of BTC or ETH to lend and bet. Or you need to invest a significant amount in your mining setup. Fortunately, I saw this early a few years ago. I knew time was running out to build up cheap. So I did something that is always advised against; I went all-in. I put it all in bitcoin and then ethereum. I sold everything I didn't need, budgeted heavily, and did everything I could to earn more to invest those assets. It was the best decision I ever made. Through this hard work and sacrifice, I was able to reach and surpass my initial bulking goals. I will finally be able to create passive income from my portfolio. Then something magical happened. A bull market began and these coins became much larger in value. Also the passive income I was earning.

    This means that even if you are just starting out on your passive income crypto journey; do not give up! The income you earn today may seem small, but if you keep it, it will most likely accumulate a much higher value. This, along with increasing interest rates and also continues to add to your stacks through spot buying; you'll be amazed at how quickly you can stack up.

    The purpose of this article is not to teach you how to make passive income or even how to accumulate more Bitcoin or Ethereum today. But I must warn you that you need to think about how you will accumulate in the future. Especially if you're hoping to get rich from Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are my two biggest holdings as I believe they are the two blue chips to own in this space. Most other coins are just noise that distracts you from the real assets you should be owning. Please be very careful. To further expand on these future accumulation thoughts. Let's say you invest $ 500 in crypto every month. $ 300 in Bitcoin and $ 200 in Ethereum. Right now, that might cost you around 0.007 BTC and 0.055 ETH. Just imagine both coins making 10x.  

    The name of the game is that you have to accumulate as much Bitcoin and Ethereum as possible. The more you have, the better off you will be. Although it may seem like you're already late, you're not. If you log in now, you will have logged in before 99% from all corporations and countries. Once the next cycle occurs, this will no longer be the case and you will be priced out of the market.  

    Stay bullish, build your own consistent crypto passive income, keep stacking and ignore all the FUD noise. You'll be so thankful you did.

    What about you? How do you plan to accumulate in the future when prices reach astronomical sums? Have you built your passive crypto income?



    As always, thanks for reading!

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