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    Cronos ID – one ID for everything

    The Cronos ID layer is built on top of the Cronos blockchain with a vision to enable social engagement on the Web3. The focus behind Cronos ID is to create synergy in the Web3 community by sharing and receiving communication, information and cryptocurrency in a safe and verifiable way. plans to develop Cronos ID to prioritize synergies and product integrations that will simplify the Web3 experience.


    Cronos ID is a project incubated by Cronos Labs, the ecosystem accelerator of the Cronos blockchain. Cronos was the first EVM-compliant Tier 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by . The Cronos chain is built for greatness, with a base of 50+ million users worldwide. 

    All you need is your Cronos ID! Users will use one domain for everything, sending and receiving digital assets effortlessly. No more worries about sharing the wrong address and a simple way to identify yourself in the Cryptoverse.


    The ecosystem  Cronos ID has its own identity and communication layer built on the Cronos blockchain. It is powered by three key sub-protocols which will be introduced in separate stages. 

    The first subprotocol will be Cronos ID Domain Service , allowing users to associate a human-readable .cro domain to their complex and unintuitive EVM wallet address. Cronos ID domains will be the focal point of access to the multichain ecosystem, allowing users to send and receive cryptocurrency to and from their domain, create subdomains for community use, link social media accounts, and host IPFS websites and NFT showrooms. 


    The second subprotocol is the service for notification to Cronos , which will enable on-chain and off-chain notification. Users will receive event notifications automatically without the need for additional dApps. 

    The current setup of many dApps sends notifications with some delay and none of them can reach users proactively. The evolution of Web3 should replace periodic and manual retrieval of information with automated notifications. 

    Cronos' notification services will operate in real-time, allowing dApps to send notifications such as warnings about the risk of liquidation events affecting a user's assets, bids for each NFT in a user's portfolio, upcoming governance votes, and upcoming expiration of a registered domain


    The third subprotocol to be released is the Cronos messaging service, which will introduce communication tools for CronosID users. The subprotocol will enable messaging via wallet addresses or domain names, ensuring verified and genuine conversations between all users.


    Cronos ID will be the only domain that will do it all! Long wallet addresses will be a thing of the past

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