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    Staking – the best way to earn passive income

    Among all methods of earning passive income from crypto coins betting "Staking" is the best I know. 

    It is safe, reliable but also very easy even for those who are not so tech savvy. 

    What is betting? 

    Some cryptocurrencies require mining to validate transactions on the blockchain, while others use a different mechanism called Proof-of-Stake. 

    This protocol aims to provide stability, scalability and security with minimal energy requirements and low fees. 

    Why betting is safe

    As an example, let's look at Cardano , the current king of betting. 

    It has a Proof-of-Stake mechanism called Ouroboros where stake pool operators validate ADA transactions. 

    Since Cardano (and other similar blockchains) works through staking protocols, it is very safe to stake coins. This is because this is how such blockchains work. In other words, developers have programmed cryptocoins to work through PoS.

    So, no staking = end of Cardano (and other similar blockchains too).

    Although it is theoretically possible that developers could change the protocol in the future, this is unlikely because Proof of Stake works very well, requires much less energy than mining, and also because sudden change is not a good marketing strategy. 

    Coin staking is safe because your coins will not leave your wallet. You simply use them to delegate betting power to pool operators. There is no real transaction involved and you can usually declare at any time. 

    Passive income

    A percentage of what the pool operators earn is given to the delegators ie. of users who decide to stake their coins with such checkers. Typically, this money is automatically sent to users with no further action required. So you only have to bet once to get constant passive cash flow.   

    How do I check for betting statistics? 

    How much you can win and when you will be paid depends on many different factors, such as the coins you bet, the pool you have chosen, etc.

    But there are plenty of resources you can use to check the betting facts and then act on the data. 

    I can suggest you to use

    Here you can find various betting data. For example, here are the Top 6 Crypto Assets by Value Bet:


    While here are the best coins by reward (%):


    You can also use calculator , to check your return on investment. 

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