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    Stakecube – 15 months and 0.0054 Bitcoin later!

    It was June 2020 and I was at the beginning of my crypto rediscovery, after a 3 year hiatus. I found by accident Stakecube or maybe @Heruvim78 told me about it! The multi-chain crypto ecosystem started in 2018 as a Proof-of-Stake pool and is generally unknown in the Cryptoverse. There were over 40,000 registered users, nearly 50 cryptocurrencies listed and no withdrawal fee! 

    The StakeCube Exchange is registered in Germany and StakeCubeCoin (SCC) is the local coin that powers the platform, offering benefits to holders. They said they were  the world's leading all-in-one crypto ecosystem?

    Stakecube Coin has been hacked.

    I started researching StakeCube as soon as I joined and I was amazed by the number of tools and the number of taps. I decided to write an extended guide covering all the important sections. 

    Part 1:  Wallet 

    Part 2:  Exchange

    Part 3:  NodeCube 

    Part 4:  Shared Masternode

    Part 5:  MineCube

    Part 6:  StakeCubeCoin

    Part 7:  Academy, GamePlace and API

    Part 8:  Community and Faucets (VIII)

    Highlights in Stakecube :

    • Integrated pre-secured wallet with personal deposit address, detailed reviews and automatic PoS rewards.
    • Exchange with fast matching engine, clean user interface and unique features. 
    • NodeCube and the Masternode hosting system, hopeless with a cold setup, is fully managed, directly integrated into the ecosystem. 
    • Shared Masternode is the ideal investment for newcomers, with no technical requirements required. 
    • Using StakeCubeCoin on many third-party exchanges is a local coin with high utility. 
    • Interest at the highest rates, daily payouts and no lock-in, with four different and automated income streams with guaranteed payout, at interest up to 12%. 
    • MineCube offers easy Bitcoin mining, with conversion of StakeCubeCoin (SCC) to hashrate and daily rewards. 
    • Academy, with free blockchain crypto educational articles for everyone
    • GamePlace with classic retro games, leaderboard, jackpots and weekly contests. 
    • API completely free to use, with optimized performance and maximum uptime.
    • Self-priming faucets and premium faucets supported by a full head unit 

    The Shared Masternodes system is one of the strengths of the StakeCube , making crypto investing and rewards accessible to non-techies. After 15 months I raised my masternode shares to 16, receiving rewards of 11 shares or Rapids ($RPD), 4 shares of Syscoin ($SYS) and one share of PIVX.


    Considering that the account mi in StakeCube there was zero investment and everything there was collected through airdrops, referral rewards, Masternodes shares and PoS dividends… I am very happy with the cryptocurrency worth 0.00541 BTC! My commitment was also low, I didn't even log in every day to claim my rewards. I'll pay more attention soon and trade/sell some of the crypto I've accumulated here to get more Masternode shares.

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