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    Stop being manipulated by the media, About Bitcoin and learn to think for yourself.

    Bitcoin detractors use every means possible to disparage Bitcoin without ever trying to understand why.

    The NY Times recently published an article attacking the Bitcoin mining industry.

    It must be government mandated because it is so misleading about bitcoin's environmental impact.

    But that is not the point.

    The real question you need to ask yourself is: why are the powerful in the current system, of which the media like the NY Times is but a relay, intent on denying Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is scary because Bitcoin gives power back to the people. Something is happening that the powerful people at the helm of the current system do not want to see.

    These powerful people are too afraid to lose their power to create money and the privileges that the flaws of the current system give them.

    Bitcoin's energy consumption is just a pretext used to criticize Bitcoin to the general public.

    If energy consumption by human activities was something that really concerned the powerful people at the helm of the current system and I include the media who are relays, then they would have already done investigations into thousands of other activities that consume energy and that unlike bitcoin they carry nothing of people.

    An example?

    Have you ever seen a media investigation that tells you that Christmas lights are total heresy?


    But it is. It serves no purpose but continues to be done year after year.

    This is just one example, but it should alert you to the fact that the media is only spreading the governments anti-Bitcoin message.

    The day you open your eyes to this reality, you will take a big step.

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