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    According to the WEF, CBDCs must be “implanted INTO YOUR BODIES” if you want to participate in society

    The WEF stated that in the near future, all citizens will need to be implanted with a CBDC microchip in order to fully participate in society and do basic things like buying food and water.

    According to Professor Richard Werner, in the near future citizens will have to use the "latest technology" such as a "CBDC chip implant" to access their bank accounts.

    Professor Richard A. Werner is an economist and professor of banking and finance.
    On the sidelines of this year's Science Summit in Amsterdam, he spoke to Ivor Cummins about CBDC and how central banks orchestrate high inflation to push their agenda.
    "You have to think of CDBC as a control system [or permit system], not as a currency," Prof. Werner explained.

    “It is a notional currency that depends on your actual approval. Now, if you are a critic of government policies or central banks, this can be difficult.

    Or if you venture outside the 15-minute urban area, you might find, "Oh, [my CBDC] isn't working."
    Prof. Werner explained that central planners, as he calls them, orchestrate inflation to cover up changes in the banking system.

    For example, in the 1970s, high inflation was orchestrated to cover up the transition from the gold-backed US dollar to the petrodollar.

    And the high inflation we saw in 2021/2022 was staged to mask the transition from petrodollars to CBDC.

    In March 2020, the Federal Reserve and other major central banks adopted QE2, a recommendation for a deflationary or contracting economy. It was quite clear that it would lead to inflation. This was not a misjudgment, but deliberate, Prof. Werner explained. This is a very specific directive that is very rarely enforced.

    Evidence that this was deliberate, Prof Werner said, was that "just before Covid, in August 2019, there was a conference at the annual central bank conference in Jackson Hole, but at which BlackRock, the big wealth manager, was invited… and BlackRock made an offer:

    They said that "there will be another crisis ... but this time we have to create inflation."
    And they realize there's a barrier to getting people to accept that," Prof. Werner said.

    So they use crises, civil unrest and unemployment to introduce universal basic income and get society to accept a CBDC chip implanted under their skin.

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