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    Some important Solana (SOL) facts and updates to note

    Solana reached 94 Dollars. Yesterday, it was the only leading coin to rise, in the green, and has an even better performance than Bitcoin.

    There is bullish news from one entry to the next entry 🚀 The testnet shows a peak of 57,000 points, the mainnet more than 250 mil. transactions per day limit reached so far.

    Solana has 1,530 Validators, increasing in recent weeks, and is therefore more decentralized after the Nakamoto Quotient.

    Solana adds more than 150 valitadores in the last month. Solana also launches big projects every week, like Solana Pay.

    It has 4 times more project devs than the rest, 1-3 Trillion dollar volume of payment operations per day – in a week more than Visa and ETH in a year.

    Wallets increased in January to more than 3.7 million (doubled). Many outstanding games have been developed on Solana such as Star Atlas, Space Falcon, Aurora, Sol Chicken where the rendering quality is stunningly good.

    In the NFT sector Solana is becoming one of the leading chains 1 mil. dollar volume in January reached (due to low fees and high speed).

    Haven't had a single problem for weeks, it clearly shows that the updates are working and that it is more stable.

    Solana Hacker House was so successful that they announced additional events in Moscow, Bahmanas, New York, Dubai, Florianópolis. The Galaxy also hosted the SOLCOOL event powered by Solana, including a $1 million prize pool. Solana's volume per day is far more than all the other major chains combined.

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