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    Listen to earn Bitcoins through Lightning Network

    You may have tried play-to-win apps like Axie Infinity or move-to-win apps like STEPN, but you've probably never heard of listen-to-win because there aren't that many ads around it. Since I love listening to podcasts and wanted to use something other than Spotify or Apple, I recently discovered Fountain, which allows me to earn satoshis, ie. small chunks of Bitcoin (BTC) by listening to podcasts. It doesn't pay much, after a few podcasts I had 360 satoshi in my wallet which is about $0.08 as of today. However, it requires no effort and you don't need to pay anything to set it up - unlike most play and earn apps...The beauty of it is that you can download your satoshis via the Lightning Network. Personally, I use a non-custodial wallet called Breez to withdraw my Satoshis because it doesn't require any KYC and I own the private key… If you prefer, you can also use custodial wallets like CoinCorner for example. Please find below the recommended link to start earning by listening and two other links to earn some more crypto…

    Fountain: get paid to listen /

    Sweatcoin: get paid to walk

    Elrond: win $10 EGLD with Maiar

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