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    Brief Crypto News for the Last Week of 2021

    – The festive mood sours with the price of BTC plummeting below $46,000, taking the rest of the market down with it.

    – Decentralized exchanges recorded more than $1 trillion in volume in 2021 (the Chinese did not give up on cryptocurrencies and switched to decentralized exchange platforms).

    – Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson announced the launch of a platform for building decentralized applications in 2022.

    – Billy Marcus, co-founder of Dogecoin, reportedly only owns 220,000 DOGE, or about $40,000.

    – Kraken plans to allow its users to use their NFTs as collateral to borrow money. (Bloomberg)

    – Binance has bought back all outstanding shares of Visa card issuer Swipe and will eventually be able to continue operating in Canada

    – Luxury market UNXD, a virtual reality platform based on the Polygon and Decentraland networks, will present its first Metaverse Fashion Week from March 24 to 27, 2022. In particular, it will allow users to buy outfits for their avatars. (CoinDesk)

    - Baidu, China's Google, is entering the metaverse by releasing an app that lets you create a digital character and interact with other users. (Business Insider)

    - Google searches for the term "NFT" now exceed those for the word "crypto", and data from Google Trends shows that Bitcoin ends the year at an all-time low in popularity. (Google Trends)

    – MicroStrategy CEO Announces Purchase of Additional 1,914 Bitcoins for $94.2 Million. The company now holds 124,391 Bitcoins with an average purchase price of $30,159.

    – A Bitcoin wallet dating back to 2010 and containing 500 BTC was reactivated on Wednesday, December 29. Its value rose from $8,400 to over $23.67 million.

    – Mexico plans to launch national cryptocurrency by 2024, government confirms.

    - Abu Dhabi plans to become the crypto hub of the Middle East. Indeed, the president of the ministry wants to attract companies focused on cryptocurrencies, while simplifying the procedures for exchange platforms.

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