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    Play HiFi Gaming Society games and earn passive income

    Gone are the days when gamers would go to game stores, buy game tokens and click and play. Of course, there are still others who go to game stores to play games, but with the fast changing world, we now have Block-Chain games and unlike the good old days when we pay to play now we play to win .

    My most favorite gaming platform

    Now we live in the world of Metaverse and new games come out every day. My most favorite gaming platform is HiFi Gaming Society and it is always consistent in providing new games on its platform. His community grew so fast from around 6000 followers to 20444 Twitter followers in less than 3 days and HIFI owner addresses increased significantly to 3139 addresses.


    The biggest reason I love the platform and its community is because they are organic growth oriented. They want steady growth, making them a long-term project you can count on. Check out this screenshot above that shows the total supply of 1 billion and the number of holders. If you check how the number of staked coins is increasing on their platform, you will definitely like the project, the numbers increased from 222 million to 233 million and this is just a sign that investors are betting more to get more out of Juicy 51% APR .

    HiFi profit structure

    They have a good profit structure on their platform and you can win if you play games and also you can win from betting and for betting you only need to play 1 game in 10 minutes to activate it.

    Rewards for games


    The above section shows the dashboard account of someone who only wins from the main games without increasing. You can win from 5 different categories and "L" shows the level of profit you get from each section. The profit section is divided as follows:

    • Play per day - For 1 game you get 1.01 HiFi and if you play 5 games in total and every 10 minutes more you get 5.05 and that "L5".
    • Total Play Time – This section shows the total time the gamer has played that day and to reach "L5" , you have to play 50 minutes and you get your 5.05
    • Achievements – This section shows the total number of HiFi the gamer has downloaded or complicated and this will continue to increase your level earnings as you earn more from playing
    • Challenges – This section is a rewards section for consistent gamers, it is only for judging their continuity of play and this level keeps increasing with daily logins.
    • User Level – When you log in, you get this 5.05 HiFi just for logging into the platform
    • Bet Level – If you have bet, you also get this reward, which is also an entry level for anyone who has bet, more like a bonus.

    If you want to take your earnings to another level, I urge you to buy boosters that will increase your daily earnings. They start at bronze, silver, and gold, and if you spice up your game with them, you'll live to be called "Richard and the Riches."8cc5c421b1114fa2339ad0a7861babfe33fd6c4e955044219eb635b15678a9b2.png

    Silver aka Tesla will take you to level B1 which is higher than L5 and you will earn 16.85 per level and if you max all 6 categories it will give you 101 HiFi per day and 3033 HiFi per month. Then the bronze also known as Anonymous is level B2 and will give you 42.22 on each segment and that total 253.32 HiFi of daily earnings and 7599. Finally is Level B3 also known as Bitcoin will give you 84.74 on each segment and if you can max out all 6 that will be 508.44 HiFi per day and 15253 HiFi which is $53 worth just for boosting and all boosters last 30 days.

    Wagering Rewards

    This segment is the betting segment and it shows the total amount you have bet on the HiFi platform and shows the APR you earn and last but not least the passive income you earn on a daily basis. The HiFi earning formula for wagering rewards is APR Amount Wagered, then divide by 365 = the amount of HiFi you earn daily just for wagering, eg 100,000 * 51%/365 days=139.7 HiFi. So from betting 100k HiFi per month profit will give you 4191.7 HiFi which is $14.6. Ask yourself, if someone bet 1,000,000 HiFi's how much does he earn per month, do the math.


    The HiFiver Combined Strategy

    I call it HiFiver Combo Strategy because it consists of HiFi Booster and Staking Then compound profit after 30 days and every HiFiver needs this strategy. Let's say you have 500,000 HiFi devices, that will give you 698 HiFi devices every day and after 30 days it will be 20,958 HiFi devices and that is $73 with current market value. The trick is to spice it up with Gold boost and you will get 508 HiFi per day and after 30 days it will be 15253 HiFi and if you add it to that 20958 it will give you 36211 HiFi which is $126 every month for just "Bet boost and game.

    As they always say, Christmas only comes once a year and you will never find a golden opportunity like this again. It's about time you hugged HiFi Gaming Society with both hands and hold it firmly. If you certainly jump on this ship, your grandchildren will always have respect for you.


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