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    Mission - Personal Sovereignty

    When I started writing this article, I agreed to do something I don't believe in, not because I wanted to, but because enough pressure was put on me to do it. I may be angry that I am put in this position (and I am in part), but I believe that every crisis is an opportunity for deeper understanding as well as for meaningful change.

    I'm starting to see the world in trends, when I see something happen I think "is this likely to happen again?". Does this mean the trend will increase or decrease in the future?

    I have identified some trends as a risk to my personal sovereignty. My focus for the rest of my life will be to take conscious action to protect myself from them so I don't face the challenge I face today, where I'm forced to do something I wouldn't otherwise.

    I want to become as resilient as possible to withstand external pressure, to maintain my sovereignty and not have to act against my own ideals.

    1- Censorship:

    I've seen many creators and commenters get completely shut down by major tech companies. I believe they enjoy a quasi-monopoly on online content. They have the biggest audience and they know it. Some of the people I've been following for a long time have suddenly been kicked out, losing access to the community they've worked so hard to build. Often the rules they use to enforce such measures are poorly explained, one could even argue they are vague and difficult to understand on purpose to be used as a weapon by those who speak out against the commanding narrative. People with a large enough audience seem to recover and be fine. However, for someone starting out like me, this is a big threat to my future. Especially since I want to use the power of the internet and these articles to share my honest opinion with the world.

    Because my main goal with my blog is not to make money, but rather to vent my thoughts and hopefully attract and interact with like-minded people. Having the freedom to say what I believe without fear of being locked up at night is as important as breathing.

    To prepare for this, I pay attention to alternative social media such as Minds, Rumble, Odysee, Publish0x and Torum. There are many, and they all offer varying degrees of security in this regard. The downside is that none of them can provide the reach that Big tech can. I'm fine with that, I'm keeping a close eye on this space right now and trying to stay active and post my content on all of them. Hopefully this will make me more resilient and harder to shut up.

    I also maintain my own website, although the hosting is not owned by me, which means I can be shut down by them.

    2- Centralized bank control:

    Some of my friends say I'm a bit paranoid about it. In short, I don't like the idea that someone else has the power to exclude me economically. It is such a powerful tool, too powerful (I would argue) to be in anyone's hands. 

    Again, since my sole purpose here is to communicate what I really think about topics I consider important, I can't help but feel that this is a crucial moment of failure. 

    For me, this is where bitcoin comes in. It provides a true censorship-resistant network where I can keep my money safe and away from hostile actors. One of my main goals is to transfer as much of my economic activity there as possible (over time). Part of what I'm looking for with my content is to reach out and become part of its global community. The most vulnerable point of attack for it is the fiat to crypto bridge, knowing people you can trade with on an equal footing will be extremely valuable.

    3- Work addiction:

    The third and final part of the puzzle is really difficult. How can I work in such a way that it is difficult to neutralize by external forces. I wish this question was easier to answer and had a clear solution. Of course, the best way would be to have my own online business, then I could manage it from anywhere in the world and work even during lockdown.

    This is my main problem right now, since the lockouts started, I haven't been able to work. This made me completely dependent on the state and at its complete mercy.

    Although starting an online business sounds great, the reality is that it is not very easy to do successfully. I've tried and so far I haven't been able to do it. It's something that takes a lot of energy and time, two things I may not have much of. I like my blog to be free of economic incentives so that I don't have to judge its success by whether or not it made enough money. I believe that having a place where I can speak honestly and freely is extremely valuable, but that can be tainted once the economy starts to play a major role.

    That's why it's very important that I make money elsewhere. But over time I have to find a way to be resistant to it. Something I have to think long and hard about.

    Well, there you have it, those are my main concerns right now. I don't have a solution to all these difficulties, but at least writing and talking about it is super helpful. As I keep them in mind as I go through life, I can begin to see potential solutions and seize opportunities that would lead me to freedom.

    My main goal is to begin the process of guiding myself to the type of life that will give me the most opportunities while at the same time making me more resistant to outside influence of any kind.

    After all, I know I can't rely on the 100% alone. After all, we are a community-driven species. But I need to be stronger to be able to say no when the outside world goes too far. I must become a sovereign person.

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