beginingCryptocurrenciesDogecoinAttempt by governments to reduce trust in cryptocurrencies

    Attempt by governments to reduce trust in cryptocurrencies

    Биткойн ме натъжава
    Narrative of a Newbie Crypto Enthusiast:

    I started trading cryptocurrencies for about 3 months. In the beginning everything was fine and I made my first investment in dogecoin. I bought $ 100 Dogecoin and in about 1 week it increased to 100% and I won it. Subsequently, thanks to Elon Musk, the money started to decrease gradually and I made a loss.

    I think the biggest factor in something valuable is the value placed on it.
    I know that cryptocurrencies are not in the interest of governments.
    Because they want to tax everyone's profits and even the money they lose.

    I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not just a currency for me, it also means new business opportunities.
    Free demo and democratic platforms.

    Many technological products have entered our lives with crypto and blockchain technology.
    I know how valuable this is and I hope it gets better.

    I desperately want the cryptocurrency exchange to recover and complete its natural evolution.


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