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    The New Digital World Order

    Programmable digital currency will revolutionize the global economy and the way we do business. The ideas of socialism and equality are the main guidelines of this new way of doing things. "Make all equal" is the mantra of the day. With programmable digital currency, this will soon become a scary reality. Being born with a silver spoon will no longer be much of a factor.

    1). No Generational Wealth – Programmable digital currency will not expire at death or thereafter. Since your digital wallet will be tied to your person in some way, this will happen instantly. 

    2). Reduced crime – There is no point in having money stashed away in a Cayman account when programmable currency will make it a moot point. No more bank holdups and / robberies.

    3). The tax system will be different. A certain amount of your digital currency will go back to the government or expire.

    4). Spend it or lose it. Better spend it before the expiration date!  

    5). Universal Income – Expiring money, such as from people who die or expire, will fund the money supply to pay out a universal income. Distribution of wealth …………

    What about cash? Cash will have a bar that will be scanned when you spend it, turning it into digital currency for the seller and depositing it into their account. Then the paper money will be worthless as it already is and can literally be thrown away as it is worth nothing.  

    These are just some of the things that could happen. The idea that imagination can combine with technology makes this extremely realistic and scary depending on who you are.


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