beginingAirdropsHow to earn bitcoins with Lolli?

    How to earn bitcoins with Lolli?

    Loyalty programs are a growing trend and the number of loyalty cards we carry in our wallets or purses is proof of that. But they have already entered the field of blockchain and crypto!

    Lolli is an exciting new app that brings a new twist to the customer loyalty industry. And allows customers to earn up to 30% returns in Bitcoins . It's a legal, safe, simple and fun experience for everyone start receiving bitcoins with purchases in your favorite online stores.

    It works by rewarding customers who buy from compatible stores and retailers with Bitcoin Cashback. Therefore, you don't have to buy bitcoins using a traditional fiat to crypto exchange . And you don't have to pay fees. Just visit one of their partners and get a percentage of the items you purchased in Bitcoin (BTC).

    The only inconvenience is, that it is currently only available in the US …

    You were going to spend that money anyway. But now you get bitcoins for it! Their loyalty program encourages buyers by offering the king of cryptocurrencies as attractive stimulus .

    Imagine getting paid for an online purchase. Even better: What if you could get paid in bitcoins to shop online like you normally do ? That's what Lolli is: The Bitcoin Rewards app that allows people to earn and accumulate sats when they shop online.

    How does Lolli work?

    This service works when you shop on one of the partner sites. In fact, Lolli gets a commission to drive merchant traffic and sales . A portion of this commission that Lolli earns is shared with you and sent directly to your wallet. And of course you can transfer your winnings to a secure wallet like Trezor , to keep it safe.

    Partners determine the rewards, not Lolly.

    Similar loyalty programs have been around for years. And they are a successful business model that encourages customers to keep doing what they love. But Lolli's founders took it a step further to demonstrate the power of Bitcoin as a global alternative currency and universal store of value .

    This is a perfect solution for more users to get involved with Bitcoin without any problems, yes educate them and reward them . Who knows? Maybe in the near future we will all be shopping online spending bitcoins and dollars…

    How to earn bitcoins with Lolli?

    It's Lolli a fun and easy way to earn passive bitcoins , while shopping online. And it encourages and encourages the mass adoption of hard money which is a better alternative to the current financial system.

    The founders developed their app to to make it easier for users to earn bitcoins . And you won't need to register for an exchange and go through KYC, a process that is daunting for most people.

    The easiest way to get the app is to download the Lolli browser extension . Available in Chrome and Firefox. Just follow these instructions:

    • Go to the official website
    • Click "Get Lolli for Chrome" or "Get Lolli for Firefox"
    • Download and install the extension

    After you finish installing the extension, you can shop online as usual . And you will receive notifications when you visit partner websites: Harry's or Sephora , for example.

    When you place an order, Lolli tracks it and sends satoshis to your wallet after being paid by the merchant – usually after the merchant's refund period has expired.

    There is also a nice referral program where you can share your link with your friends and when they shop with Lolli, you both get 10 USD in BTC !

    Finally, you can withdraw your winnings to any bitcoin wallet , once your balance reaches a minimum of 15 USD. And it's legit, as confirmed by user reviews at ProductHunt .DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using the Trezor wallet .Legal liability : This website does not offer investment advice. The author is an amateur investor and the information found here is for informational, entertainment or educational purposes. As a result, it should not be construed as personal investment advice. Although the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. This website and the author cannot be held responsible for any action you take as a result of what you read here. Find out more .

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