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    How to withdraw tokens from Airdrop?

    Many people have recently asked how they can withdraw or receive their tokens earned through an Airdrop King airdrop. This is a bit of a how to…

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    TLDR; It depends on the parachute itself how to retreat or get yourself to k ENS. Most of the time you will have to wait at least a few weeks, more likely a few months before you can access or receive your tokens. Sometimes they'll be sent directly to your wallet, and sometimes you'll need to log into the website you requested the airdrop from to download them. Our recommendation is to contact the project and ask after the token distribution.

    Time - The most common misunderstanding

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    Almost every new airdrop hunter expects to receive the airdrop tokens as soon as they follow all the instructions. Unfortunately, this is wrong for the 99% from all the airdrops. This is due to the nature of airdrops:
    they are a marketing tool to attract the project itself and most of the time the upcoming token sale. Airdrop tokens will be available after the successful token sale. This means that it takes on average from a few weeks to a few months before you can access the airdrop tokens. But it's worth the wait.

    How do I get the tokens?

    Now that we know that it takes time to be able to get the airdrop tokens, there is the next question: How to get them?

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    a) Tokens will be sent to you

    Most airdrops require you to enter your wallet address while claiming it. This means that tokens will be sent to you automatically in the future. However, you can ask in the project's Telegram group for updates on distribution.

    b) You must withdraw the tokens

    This is often the case with airdrops where you create an account on a website to be eligible to receive the tokens and do not enter any wallet address. Therefore, you will need to login in the future to withdraw your tokens. Usually, you can't download them immediately.

    c) You don't get any tokens

    Unfortunately, this happens from time to time, but why?

    • Most of the time the sale of tokens fails and the project won't even start. No project = no Airdrop.
    • Sometimes airdrop or the project was a scam . Even though we do our best to research every airdrop listed on our website , there are still some bad actors among them trying to find you an email address or similar. That's why we encourage you to create a dedicated email address for airdrops.
    • We also see quite often that our users do not execute ALL instructions . But to be eligible for an airdrop, you must always do all the steps unless there are none in between (optionally) step.

    Best practices

    • If you've created an account, we recommend adding some notes to each airdrop you've claimed. With these notes, you can review your list of requested airdrops in your account and check once every month each airdrop whether it is now distributed or not.
    • Ask the project after the current airdrop status. Go to their Telegram channel or Twitter account. Most of the time, other people have already asked this in the past, so you can also use the search function.

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