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    How to earn more SHIBA INU in the middle of a bear market

    Cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing a bear market where many people are despairing and selling at a loss. In the middle of what they can do or what is better not to despair, but at the same time earn or increase your capital in cryptocurrencies. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that cryptocurrencies are very volatile and you need to know when to make a profit on your investments and when you should wait for the price of your cryptocurrency investment to recover so you can sell at a loss.

    I recommend that when there is a bear market like this, the investments you have made in cryptocurrencies be invested in reward plans offered by the various exchanges. Now you need to keep two things in mind:

    • The first is that when there is a bear market and you make such an investment, you can gain more fractions or the entire crypto-asset for its low price.
    • The second is that this capital increases your investment better by leaving it for the medium or long term in these plans offered by this exchange than leaving them there while their value decreases even more.

    When is it better to invest?

    Many people may tell me that it is not worth it, but I will explain why it is better to invest in these plans when the prices fall so much.

    When prices are high, the percentage you get when you make these types of investments is very small, but it can increase a bit more if it's priced lower. The profit you get may be small, but it increases your capital. I think it is better to take advantage of these moments than to leave your capital there for it to provide you with passive profits.

    This type of investment is more focused on the main cryptocurrencies, but recently they have added others like SHIBA INU, SAFEMARS, AKITA INU, etc. I will give two examples:

    • The first is with SAFEMARS, this cryptocurrency operates under the Binance Smart Chain network. You can have daily profits in Metamask just by HOLDING this cryptocurrency. On 04/24/21 I bought 93,228,290 90.13 on Pancakeswap and as of today 05/23/21 I have 94,114,672.77; this represents a profit for 29 days of 886,382.64, i.e. 30,594.91 per day. Just for having SAFEMARS in Metamask.
    • The second is with SHIBA INU, this cryptocurrency runs under the Ethereum network. Several exchanges offer investment plans to earn passive profits. HotBit offers seven and 30 days plan to earn more SHIBA, minimum investment 10,000,000. I made an investment of 13,000,000 in 7 days. On 05/20/21 and started counting from 05/22/21. Today I saw in the investment panel a profit of 1270 SHIBA corresponding to that day.

    Comparison between the two plans:

    When we look at the profits I have made, Matamask seems to be the best investment option as I earn more profits per day. What I'm saying here is that in the middle of a bear market like this, our assets can continue to increase and so when prices go up, so do our profits.

    You can answer this question in the comments: What are your cryptocurrency investments doing for you?

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