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    How to earn money with DEFIT app?

    2022 can be known as the year of movement to win in the NFT community as numerous health and fitness projects were launched in this year and are still coming one after the other.

    We just want to spread as much information as possible about these projects so that normal people who are not that deep into crypto can know about them and take advantage of them.

    Today's move and win project is DEFIT.

    What is a CHALLENGE?

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    DEFIT is an embedded Web3 lifestyle app for Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements.

    The main purpose of which is to make physical activity more fun and attractive, as well as stimulating. This Game-Fi your experience using blockchain technologies like cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.

    I will share a quick guide on how you can get started with DEFIT.

    Here are those:

    • Download the DEFIT app

             For iOS:

             For Android:

    • Register for the DEFIT app: DEFIT is still in beta and you will need an invite code to access the app

             DEFITrocket2022 is the code.

             After accessing the app, sign in with a Google or Apple account, as applicable.

    • In the next step, you will need a web3 wallet to store and receive DEFIT tokens, such as metamask or a trusted wallet.

             Connect the wallet to the DEFIT app.

    • The next step is to sync your app with a fitness tracker.

              Currently supports Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Wahoo, Zwift, Apple Watch & Samsung Galaxy Watch (via GoogleFit). 

    Congratulations, you can now start your fitness journey with DEFIT. Record your first walk, swim, bike or run and start earning rewards!

    Game mode

    There are currently 3 solo modes in the game, two of which are paid modes, you will need DEFIT tokens or NFTs to join this mode. You can refer to the white paper for detailed details on these models. I will share information about the free model. In the free play model, you are not required to have an initial investment to start the game. All you need to do is follow the onboarding steps as I mentioned above.

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    For each eligible activity uploaded to the app, you will receive 1 DEFIT token. Eligible activity means activity lasting 30 minutes or more at a time. Currently supported activities are walking, running, cycling and swimming. The maximum token that can be won in one is 1 CHALLENGE. Users will need to reach 100 DEFIT in their wallet to request a withdrawal. In the future, there will be more competitions and tasks for free players to increase their rewards.

    So that was it for DEFITA. You can use the app with genopets and sweetcoin to add to your rewards. I hope you found this article useful.

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