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    How to Create Your Own Token (Full Guide)

    In this year 2021, they are attacking us shitcoins : from Dogecoin to Safemoon. Then Safemars, Elongate, Shiba Inu, Sanshu Inu, Hodl and others were added. It is obviously very easy to create a shitcoin (token) and in this article I will demonstrate it.
    First of all, let's see our "road map" to be successful and follow the trend!

    1) Memecoin
    2) Huge Supply (1,000,000,000,000,000)
    3) Burn for each transaction (if you buy, sell, move)
    4) Charge distributed to holders
    5) Added tokens to LP for every transaction made
    6) Wallet
    7 ) Exchange listing (they pay some low level exchanges like Hotbit or Bkex)
    8) Create a small swap
    9) NFT

    Where can I create it? Go here:
    Connect the wallet to the site with some fuel to pay the fees (I recommend BSC, but there are other blockchains).

    What parameters should I enter?
    1) Name
    2) Symbol
    3) Delivery
    4) Decimals (18)
    5) Creation / Owner (your address)
    6) It can burn (if you want to insert the burn)
    7) Can be forged (if another supply can be created)
    8 ) May pause (possibly block the smart contract)
    9) Blacklist (I can block some addresses)
    10) Deflation (reduces supply, thanks to Burn)
    11) Transaction Fee
    12) Burn Fee (% of Burn for each transaction)
    13) Receive address (who gets the transaction fee. Our address?!)
    14) Distributed to holders (if we want to give share to holders for each burned transaction)
    15) Automatic LP (certain percentage of each Dex trade eg PancakeSwap is transferred to the liquid pool)
    16) Transaction tax (here it only applies to transactions made and I can enter an address)

    Then I can do " Token creation ". At this point, the site also offers an interesting feature to increase our token holders. Just go to “ BSC Batch Wallet Generate ' and enter the wallet number you want to create! We will get a CSV file with public address, private key and seed.


    Going to " BSC Token MultiSender ", I can start the distribution (airdrop). By "uploading" I import my CSV file and send! Well, we will have our holders!
    If I chose PancakeSwap as dex, now I need to add my crypto. I connect to PancakeSwap, go to "liquidity" (left) and "add liquidity". I enter the contract on my token and add it. In the pool I need to add my token and other liquidity (eg 10,000 Busd, Bnb or other token). At this point I can also generate "dummy volumes" with the addresses I have allocated the air helmet to by doing trades between my token and Bnb. I just need to spam Telegram, Twitter and other social networks. 

    Don't forget to dump your shitcoin at least once a week!

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