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    How to connect Binance Smart Chain Node(BSC) to GetBlock? Explained by GetBlock

    Check out ours newly released video about how GetBlock connects its users to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet.

    For the BSC network, we have enabled both dedicated node infrastructure and shared node infrastructure. BSC blockchain is a suitable early-stage dApp solution due to its negligible fees and high throughput.

    In this video, BSC nodes will be accessed via WebSockets blockchain API and JSON RPC blockchain API, two main methods. The step-by-step video guide will explain how we connect software that uses the Web3 API (such as trading bots, wallets, DeFi, etc.) to the node infrastructure.

    The Binance Smart Chain network connection is one of the most up-to-date services of GetBlock, a top-level blockchain-as-a-service provider. We empower developers with trusted blockchain endpoints to 40+ networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Bitcoin and more.

    To start using BSC blockchain with GetBlock, feel free to contact our sales team:

    GetBlock Official Website:


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