beginingBlockchainAnalyzesFedNow is coming in July. The biggest change in the US monetary system

    FedNow is coming in July. The biggest change in the US monetary system

    As soon as July 26th, your financial freedom as you know it may end.
    This is the day the US government will launch FedNow.
    In our opinion, FedNow will be the biggest change to the US monetary system since the country went off the gold standard in 1971. Now, FedNow is not yet a CBDC like the Chinese digital yuan.
    But it will act as a Trojan horse that allows the government to monitor every financial transaction you make.
    ah, we all know that the US government will use a digital dollar to pry into and control every aspect of our lives. That's why we see the launch of FedNow as the first test before a full-fledged CBDC in the US.
    Remember that CBDC is a digital version of fiat money. It is issued by a central bank using blockchain technology. What is frightening about a centrally controlled digital dollar is that the government can shut down anyone's access to the CBDC for any reason at any time. And if the government bans cash, you literally run out of money.

    It is creating a regulatory framework that will give it a frightening amount of power over its citizens' money, allowing it to change the value of the euro overnight. Or it might suddenly put an "expiration" date on the money, meaning you'll have to use it or lose it.
    According to the European Commission's proposed monetary regime, all of Europe will become a "glass house" where the government will pry into every transaction and control and manage every person's life.
    This is what America is waiting for. FedNow is the infrastructure they will use to launch the Digital Dollar and then the Euro That's why we call it a potential trojan horse..that will enslave you forever.

    The European Commission is also working on its own version of a digital euro. ( The ECB published the fourth progress report on the investigation phase of the digital euro. The report includes key principles such as free ease of use, economic incentives for buyers and the Eurosystem's own costs. For a detailed overview, see the link below. )

    Russia is also advancing plans for a digital ruble, with senators due to vote on its approval on Wednesday. If the law is passed and signed by President Putin, the Bank of Russia could begin the pilot phase as early as next month.

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