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    FC Dynamo Kyiv, becomes the first sports team in the world to sell its first tickets for an NFT event

    The FIFA European football team, ranked number 1 in the Ukrainian Premier League,  FC Dynamo Kyiv , is launching NFT tickets for its 2021 season, powered by its blockchain partner Moonwalk. These tickets will be listed exclusively on the Binance NFT Marketplace as part of the "100 Creators Campaign" which is being done to celebrate the launch of the Binance NFT Marketplace. Dynamo Kyiv will become the first major sports team in the world to regularly sell NFTs as tickets and collectibles. 

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    Dynamo Kyiv fans will be able to purchase NFT tickets only on  Binance NFT Marketplace  In the end of June. Moonwalk and Binance NFT will serve as exclusive ticket providers for NFT. Before the start of the season, exclusive game-related NFTs will be released on the leading NFT marketplace, Binance NFT.

    Dynamo Kyiv has an extraordinary history and one of the largest fan bases in Ukraine. We are happy to announce this collaboration and surely the users have been looking forward to it as well. We strongly believe that NFT tickets will soon become commonplace for football fans and that Binance NFT Marketplace will be one of the leading platforms for NFT tickets ", he said  Gleb Kostarev , Director of Binance Eastern Europe.

    Moonwalk is a digital economy platform that enables NFTs and tokens to be integrated into real-world applications such as physical and virtual event tickets, e-commerce, in-game skins, user rewards and payment networks. In January 2021, Moonwalk announced plans to launch a digital economy for Dynamo that will include a complete token ecosystem at the team's stadium and throughout the city of Kyiv. The project is already in advanced development.

    Dynamo Kyiv has established itself as an incredibly promising franchise as the team has developed new ways to interact with its fans, communities and partners ", he said  Greg Consiglio , co-founder of Moonwalk, former senior executive at Ticketmaster. " NFT tickets are one of the many aspects of the rewards ecosystem that Dynamo is launching with Moonwalk. The ability to collect NFT gaming memorabilia, which will also serve as tickets, unlocks a number of exciting new opportunities for their fans. 

    Moonwalk's NFT capabilities are enhanced by partnerships with Blockparty, which will power the NFT marketplace built into Dynamo's website, and NFT Protocol, a decentralized NFT exchange that will power Dynamo NFT peer-to-peer ticket reselling. Blockparty was one of the first companies in the world to pioneer the blockchain ticketing space, launching as an NFT ticketing platform in 2018 before expanding into an NFT sales platform and white-knuckle NFT marketplace solution labels. 

    Over time, Dynamo expects to sell more than 25% of its general admission tickets as NFTs for home games. During the shortened 2019–20 season, Dynamo sold more than 400,000 tickets for their home games at their 70,000-capacity stadium, NSK Olimpiyski. Once NFTs are purchased on the Binance NFT Marketplace, fans can unlock game tickets, exclusive rewards, drops and experiences through the team's digital wallet powered by  moonwalk,  with more details on the Dynamo website. 

    "The tokenization of the legendary club that we announced at the beginning of the year is not a tribute to fashion and not after opportunistic hype. We have a well-calculated strategy and follow a clear goal - to make FC Dynamo, the best club in Ukraine, the biggest technological leader of football in Europe in the next two years. Today's event is a vivid example of the validity of our hopes. We believe that next year dozens of professional clubs from all over the world playing in various sports will use NFT as tickets and collectable assets, but the fact that FC Dynamo Kyiv was the first in the world to do this will forever remain in the history of world sport. We will always strive to provide our fans with the most up-to-date, efficient services and tools. And will only work with recognized industry leaders.", Said  Mark Ginsburg , vice president of FC "Dynamo" Kyiv and head of the innovation department.


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