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    Win with Rollercoin, a cryptocurrency mining simulator game

    We know that mining is used to earn bitcoins. On the one hand, it is also called Bitcoin Scraping. Some people may consider this work as their profession. This scraping or more general mining may require powerful computers or powerful machines.

    Rollercoin offers you a simulator for this mining. Here you can buy machines with a certain amount of prices in your room with satoshi or RLT, which is the game's money, and put them on the shelves that you buy with a certain amount of satoshi in your room. That way, when you're not in the game, you can continue to win without reducing your points. But it should be known that since it is difficult to earn money, you should have enough time and patience as you can win for free in this game.

    There are 10 active games offered by Rollercoin to its users. These games are;

    COINCLICK (my favorite)






    2048 COINS


    DR. Mound



    Each game consists of 10 levels and the game itself consists of 3 levels. In other words, we can earn more points at each level in 10 different games that we can play. But every time we want to earn more points, the game becomes more and more difficult.

    The Tether Crypto module came as the latest update to Rollercoin, which has more than thousands of users. Before that there was Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge and the game's own currency Rollertoken. We wouldn't be able to shoot Rollertoken anyway, but at least how many can we shoot for other coins? Here respectively;

    1. BTC 0.0001
    2. ETH 0.008
    3. DOGE 360
    4. TOOTH 100

    Of course, it can be extremely difficult to reach these numbers. Maybe we have to wait a month or two.

    While playing games on the site, you get the power to mine. The site has a variety of simple but fun arcade-style games. Games have no limits, you can play as much as you want. When you click where it says Games in the picture above, the games will appear.

    However, if you say that I don't have enough time to play games, there is a mining option on the site. When you click on the basket picture, there are two options. One is the Racks option and the other is the Miners option.

    Most of the devices are purchased with Roller Token, RLT, in the system. Several devices are purchased with your Bitcoin.

    How to register with Rollercoin?

    After calling Rollercoin Start Mining on its official site, you can sign up with your email address from the Sing-up tab.

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