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    Dutchy added 3 new crypto coins to the 60+ cryptocurrencies they offer for completing simple tasks, viewing ads and completing surveys!

    First I would like to tell anyone who is trying to find crypto earning sites to be careful because most of the sites I looked at and tried were not real and never let you withdraw your winnings.

    [this site was last confirmed to successfully pay out on 11.10.22]

    3 new cryptocurrencies are now available to claim and added to the 60+ cryptocurrencies currently available for earning:

    #2694 Evmos (EVMOS) $1.54
    #154 Secret (SCRT) $0.8739
    #70 THORChain (RUNE) $1.52


    SITE DESCRIPTION:      This site offers the most cryptocurrency options to grab from, more than any other site I've found! There are over 60 different types of cryptocurrency that you can claim by starting AutoFaucet or trading/swapping Dutchy Tokens earned by completing offers or won in 1 of the few daily/weekly/monthly contests and giveaways! (This site also serves as an exchange where you can buy cryptocurrency or trade coins.)

    WAYS TO WIN:      You earn by spinning the faucet every 30 minutes, watching PTC ads, participating in surveys, completing short links or completing other offers available for earning. There are also tons of contests and giveaways to get coins for free, like random coin showers every hour, daily/weekly/monthly contests for stuff, and sometimes other random/promotional earning opportunities! I have found that short links and surveys are the fastest way to earn on this site.


    I found this site a useful way to help me understand the extremely volatile crypto market without risking my own money. By using this site, it helped me learn how to research different crypto projects, which helped me realize the difference between different projects and the different sectors of the crypto market they belong to, and how these different sectors behave differently/the same during different market cycles (Bull market/Bear market). Using the cryptocurrency exchange option offered on the site also helped me understand the different exchange rates between cryptocurrencies and how I can use them to make even more profits from your cryptocurrency.


    This is a way to earn free crypto, so keep your expectations in check! You will most likely not get rich using this site. However, you may be able to earn a decent amount. of crypto from here which could offer a decent starting point for starting a crypto investment. Personally, I used the site as a risk-free way to invest in crypto, so I wouldn't lose any of my personal money while trying to learn and understand the crypto market. Also, some of these sites require you to be active at least once a month to keep your account active.

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