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    How to get Bitcoin SmartRewards from CoinSmart

    Do you like to earn free cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Earn or CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn? Well, in that case, I'm sure you'll love SmartRewards by CoinSmart.

    About Coinsmart

    Coinsmart is an exchange for cryptocurrency, based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded by Justin Hartzman and Jeremy Koven. They believe from their experience that cryptocurrency exchanges are quite complicated and not suitable for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading. That's why they started by developing a user-friendly exchange.


    So far, I find CoinSmart really user-friendly and easy to use. Since there aren't many different cryptocurrencies on CoinSmart, I would recommend this exchange especially to beginners who just want to acquire some Bitcoin or Ethereum in a simple and easy way.


    On the Coinsmart blog you will find a list of articles that are part of the SmartRewards program. This is similar to earning from Coinbase in a way. You will learn something about cryptocurrencies and blockchain and earn a little at the same time. One of the best things is that you will earn bitcoin.

    Below each of the articles you will find three questions to answer. Here's how you can get your payout after taking a test:

    • You must answer every question in the test correctly - all or nothing.
    • You can only participate in each test twice within 24 hours.
    • You must use the email you registered with CoinSmart to claim the prize.
    • After submitting the test, check to see if you have received the 100%.
    • Must  to have a registered CoinSmart account, for to receive your rewards. 
    • You must have a verified account to trade or withdraw your funds.
    • Your earned bitcoins will be deposited each week for the previous week's completed tests - processing may take up to 10 days.
    • You will only receive rewards for the first correct submission for each individual test.

    I did the test and got about €25 in bitcoins today.

    You will also receive one entry into a monthly prize drawing for $ 4000 CAD with each correctly answered quiz.

    The first draw will take place on September 30. You can currently get up to 24 entries for this draw just by improving and testing your crypto knowledge.


    Invite friends

    In case you missed joining the waiting list, you can still earn from CoinSmart's Refer a Friend program. You and your friend can win $ 15 in Bitcoin using  referral link . The bonus will be credited to your account and your friend's account after your friend has verified their account and made a deposit of at least $ 100 CAD. Deposits can also be made in Euros or USD.

    The $15 credit will be added within 5 business days of meeting the funding minimum. Please note that only fiat deposits count towards the minimum deposit.


    My last words

    I hope I could provide you with interesting and useful information about CoinSmart and their SmartRewards, in my opinion the best exchange for beginners. 🤓

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