beginingCryptocurrenciesAltcoinsBrave keeps moving forward - Wallet is live

    Brave keeps moving forward - Wallet is live

    Brave continues to advance - Wallet is live

    How many extensions should I install? - Zero , is built right into Brave Browser

    What are the benefits?   

    • Support for multiple circuits and NFT support . Which means you can natively connect other web3 DApps.
    • You can buy fiat currencies through Wyre.   
    • Can store, develop and manage all your cryptocurrencies from this one wallet;
    • It is protected by default, no additional steps are required. 
    • Last but not least, it requires less desktop CPU and RAM to run (so you can run other things and not worry about resource contention)

    Are there any restrictions? Yes, Brave Wallet is currently available for desktop use, which means you can NOT sync it to a mobile device today. Also, it is important to note that it is only supported by Brave Browser.

    How is it different from the old Brave Wallet?    This one is built on Open Source under the MPL license, the old one was a fork of MetaMask, which as you know has limitations.

    Summary – the Brave wallet is trying to bring that missing piece that will bring billions in Crypto that ability to have ONE crypto wallet. I think Brave continues to evolve and that's HUGE. Get ready for an influx of people into Crypto once they learn how easy it is with a single wallet. 


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