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    Blockchain Cuties Universe Review | Low cost NFT game | Get 1 Cutie FREE!

    Blockchain Cuties Universe  is a crypto collectible game with RPG and Battler elements. 

    Here you can collect many different cuties - cats, dogs, bears, lizards, rabbits and many others.

    Every cutie is unique and the 100% belongs to you. 

    If you want to know more about this cute and adventurous blockchain game, read on.


    Blockchain Cuties Universe   is one of the pioneers in crypto gaming that started in early 2018.

    BCU is the first collectible multi-blockchain adventure game. It's a 5 blockchain game - works on ETH, Matic, TRON, NEO, EOS and all browsers and devices.




    Blockchain Cuties Universe is a virtual pet-based game where you collect adorable creatures.

    The main "resource" in the game is Cuties. It's all centered around Cuties - they're the ones you raise, breed, send on adventures, send on raids, buy, sell and trade on the market.

    Each cutie can gain experience, level up, and use items, including those items that can improve their cooldown and even their genes.


    Each Cutie is an NFT that resides on the blockchain and is 100% yours. This means you have full control over the asset.

    There is a huge range of cuties to choose from. Cuties are divided into three groups: regular cuties, tribute cuties, and unique cuties.

    But the majority of Cutieland's population are regular cuties who come in many shapes and forms. And the most common are Cutie Pet Types.


    You can breed and collect a wide selection of animals such as cats, puppies, bears, lizards, hedgehogs and many more.

    There are many different things players can do in the game:

    • Level up in Adventures

       – can be PVP, PVE or a combination of both worlds

    • Raid bosses
    • Trade goods on the BCU market
    • Propagation of Sweet Sweets Commercial Sweets
    • Participation in tournaments
    • Completed missions
    • Crafting equipment in the forge


    How to get started

    To get started, click on the link in the description below and you will be directed to the official blockchain cutie website. And here just click on start playing


    To get into the game you need a blockchain wallet - lots to choose from eth, matic, tron, eos and neo.

    There are also many login methods, you can simply connect via your Metamask wallet if you already have one - if you don't already have one, check out my video linked above for a quick Metamask tutorial.


    When you first log into the game, you will be greeted with the account settings of the player profile.

    Simply enter the email you want to use for the account in the Email field and click Save at the bottom of the page.


    Confirm your email, then you need to change your nickname so that your friends can recognize you in the game!

    Now go explore!


    The good news is! You will have one FREE Cutie at  registration . Claim it and use it to learn more about the game.

    At the bottom right, you will see a tutorial that will guide you and tell you the next steps you need to take to play the game.


    Ways to earn

    There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency from blockchain cuties.

    First it's just to grow army and farm Cuties items from adventures, raids, quests and sell them to earn cryptocurrency.

    Another way is to level up Cuties, dress them up to increase their value and sell them.


    The next is by buying items that you need to craft something, and after crafting rare and valuable items sell them on the market.

    You can also enchant items through a forge and sell them to other players.

    Tribute Cuties are worth a lot, so you can also earn by breeding Cuties with interesting attributes.


    Another way is to buy and sell - look for valuable sweets in the market, try to buy them cheap and sell them higher.

    And since I've mentioned the sale many times before moving on to other ways or earning, let me just show you their on the game market:


    The main market is where you can buy and sell all existing items and Cuties.

    And as you can see, it doesn't take a LOT of money to start this game.

    You can buy a cutie for less than a dollar each.

    The cost of an item or cutie depends on the type, its stats and the clothes the Cutie wears, also depending on the genome. Generation 0 is the most
    the expensive and sought after.


    Note that Cuties live on each individual blockchain and if you see any genome exists on one blockchain and not another.

    Then there might be an opportunity to earn by getting it on another blockchain.


    As I said a while ago, this is NOT a new game. It's actually already in SEASON VI and one of the key updates is their brand new in game store called the HOT SHOP.

    Hot Shop is unique because of its dynamic prices. With higher demand, the price of the item increases in small increments, while items with lower demand decrease in price.

    Hot Shop works on Offchain currencies, so you don't have to pay any transaction fees during your shopping.


    Quite special isn't it?

    Anyway, back to my list of ways to earn, another strategy to earn here at BCU is by participating in tournaments to earn cryptocurrency.


    And last but not least, buy a Capital or an Island to get extra slots in the forge and get that land in the upcoming strategy game Wars Of Cutieland.


    Is it worth it?

    Blockchain Cuties developers have been working hard to improve the game weekly for two and a half years now!

    In fact, it's the most frequently updated game in the industry, both in terms of game updates and community spotlights!

    The game itself gets updates at least once a week, while their news feed is active EVERY day!


    That alone says they are committed to perfecting this game! That's why I think this is definitely worth a try!

    Not to mention it costs less to get started compared to other blockchain games.

    But if you're still not convinced, YOU can just be  register  and try it for FREE first and if you are convinced that this game is for you, then great!

    I hope this helped you in some way.

     Thank you very much for reading.

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