beginingCryptocurrenciesBitcoinBitcoin Miner App. Earn Bitcoins on the Lightning Network while you play.

    Bitcoin Miner App. Earn Bitcoins on the Lightning Network while you play.

    Bitcoin Miner by Fumb Games is a game that simulates idle cryptocurrency mining and while you play you can earn real satoshis! This game pays at the Zebedee wallet , which runs on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Your device is not used for crypto or bitcoin mining and will not overheat. I'll link a few other Bitcoin Lightning Network paying games below for you as well.

    Want to skip reading? Check out this video on YouTube. Even better! Listen and watch while reading if you think you can do it all at once 🙂

    The concept is very simple, play the game and as you play you slowly accumulate Satoshi (SATS). They must be physically tapped/collected, so being AFK or collecting offline will not work to collect sati . However, the games resource accumulation can be earned by being idle/afk. Please see the picture below to help connect with the instructions in this article.


    You start the game with 1  Miner This is a Shiba Inu miner and obviously a low income, low grade coin to mine. As the miner mines, the coins are sent down the production line to the bank . Once they arrive, you collect revenue.

    This income can be spent in several ways. First you can upgrade your levels of iners . Every 25 levels increases its productivity, then you can buy new miners. This opens up new ones iners , which mine different coins that probably have better value and better quality than the previous option. You can also buy upgrade, these upgrades increase performance for everyone miners in different ways. 

    As the coins relentlessly roll past some of them have actions/boosts attached. To activate them, just tap on them before they get to The bank. Let's go through this list.

    -Up Arrow: This boost that gives coins value when it reaches the bank .

    -Bomb: This explodes the coin and immediately gives the reward.

    -Split: This duplicates a coin and allows two to move into The bank

    -Red dot/ node : They allow you to collect  knots.  The knots are another in-game currency that allows upgrades to be made in  the Fiat/node station.

    -Gifts: These usually contain significant amounts coins, sometimes they contain nodes and you can increase your gift by watching an ad.

    – Sats : These little green things appear every few minutes or every x amount of coins, not sure, but they can be downloaded by tapping on them. They then go to your account and you can withdraw money at any time to your Bitcoin Lightning Network Zebedee wallet. They currently only pay out with Zebedee. It's easy enough to send to another lightning wallet if you prefer. If you've used the Lightning Network before, you'll know that it's very fast and very cheap to transact. Perfect for a game just like this.

    There are additional buttons and operations like x2 boost (also watch ad for x3 earnings in 30 minutes) or power surge (watch ad for 30 seconds earning madness) 

    Daily reward. Check back every day for different increased rewards for the next 30 days.

    Chests. This gives different collectibles used to upgrade different coins after the X collection is complete.

    Cards. Start over somewhere else and grow your mining operation on a global or even multi-planet scale!

    The ultimate goal is to upgrade everything and create a Crypto Miner empire. Meanwhile, the stack sits in the way! Easy but simple format.

    My Final Thoughts: The game can become easily addictive as you idly collect rewards and grow your empire. It's kind of fun, but let's be honest at the end of the day it's just another grind fest. Still not a completely terrible way to pass some time without work. It won't make you rich, it won't help you retire, don't quit your day job. However, if you're really keen, I'm sure you can stack up sati in the hundreds every day if you're willing to subject yourself to constant ads. At the very least, it's a legitimate way to rack up a few sata.

    Bitcoin Miner Earn Real Crypto - Link

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