beginingBlockchainAnalyzesBitcoin is on the 'road to irrelevance', European Central Bank warns

    Bitcoin is on the 'road to irrelevance', European Central Bank warns

    Recently, our central banks attack, taking advantage of the disasters that have occurred in the crypto world in recent months.
    The news keeps coming out about the next CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) foray and the tests that some countries are doing to start implementing it in the prototype phase in several cities.

    Meanwhile, in parallel, the crisis is being used to highlight how bad BITCOIN and the crypto world surrounding it is and how necessary the regulation that will come is.

    Trust me when I tell you that the future looks bad if these famous CBDCs are established instead of FIAT money, with which, although it was not perfect, it still left room for a certain "freedom and anonymity" in your daily transactions. With CBDC, it will be an important step to be completely financial slaves, eternal debtors of the countries, where no one will own anything, except that you will be happy (the main goal of the so-called AGENDA 2030).
    It will be the ultimate instrument for making all of us, or rather almost all of us, at a similar economic level, truly poor.

    Private property will be forgotten, your house will no longer belong to you, even if you paid for it (if they let you do so), but you will be a happy citizen of the state if you behave as they wish and when they wish... The meeting of the pinnacle of world social democracy, to which the word "democracy" is less important, of course.
    Surprisingly and given the circumstances, it doesn't look like the end of BITCOIN at all, I really think it's stronger than ever... Successive disasters don't sink the project, at least for now... Waiting for whatever happens with Grayscale.
    It's also true that if the FTX thing hadn't happened, BITCOIN would easily be around $ 25,000 in my opinion, with thousands of fans saying the bottom is at $ 20,000.

    I keep buying, daily, the same amount in dollars, it doesn't matter where the bottom is, I just "SAVE in BTC".
    Why? because there is no alternative to the world order we have, nor will there be in the future, if we do not try to separate MONEY and STATE.
    In terms of price?
    I don't care at all right now, but note these words of Alberto Mera:

    "Bitcoin price will surprise many again, but much less than last time."

    Have a nice day!

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