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    Binance Launchpool: Explore Dalarnia $DAR Mines !

    Dalarnia Mines - Play2Earn on Binance Smart-Chain

    Mines of Dalarnia was the 23rd project added in Binance Launchpool with $DAR farming open from 29 October. The users of Binance can stake Binance Coin ($BNB) and Binance USD ($BUSD) until November 27, when the event will end. Dalarnia mines have a maximum supply of 800,000,000 $ DAR and 15.4% will be distributed via Launchpool. Users must have KYC completed in order to farm.


    The allocation was 19,200,000 DAR in BNB awards and 4,800,000 DAR in BUSD awards. Pre-listing breeding rates were 4 times higher than post-listing breeding rates. The Mines of Dalarnia token was included in the Innovation Zone on November 4th with a pairing with Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Binance USD and USD Tether.

    I kept BNB in vault and $DAR earnings were added to Spot Wallet once a day. I collected 66.26 tokens by listing day and was lucky enough to sell at $3.30, just minutes before a big drop to $2.80. Another project … another successful crypto top-up!


    As usual for projects Binance Launchpool , the price is inflated at listing and then crashes , because everyone sells to cash in on profits. The day after the listing, the price of $DAR fell below 2 USD. The price became stable and I decided to sell every 2 days, selling 10 DAR for 20 BUSD.


    Since the farming rate was reduced by 75%, the DAR token rewards were also reduced. Only 8 tokens were produced in the next 48 hours which I sold for 1.89 USD. However, even with the reduced farming rate, earning 15 BUSD every two days is better than expected.


    November is already a great month for my crypto portfolio since it was added Launchpool on Manchester City Fan Token . I tried it for 24 hours and earned 0.115 $ CITY valued at 1.75 USD. The wow rate and low rewards made me go back to $DAR farming where I generated $14-$15 every two days. The obvious choice was to venture back into the mines of Dallaria, as football is only for rich people!


    If you don't like #Play2Earn games, you can still farm $CITY instead of $DAR! IN Manchester City Fan Token Launchpool returned to the model of classical agriculture, with three agricultural basins. Binance users can farm $CITY by staking Binance Coin (BNB), Chiliz (CHZ) and Binance USD (BUSD). Since the $CITY token was already in circulation, the farming rate will remain unchanged for the entire 30 days of the campaign.


    Residual Income:

    Create a Binance account

    Join the Splinterlands! 

    PVMihalache Amazon Books

    DeFi Award in  CakeDeFi  with $30 DFI for new users

    The fountains:  PipeFlare ZCash ,   GlobalHive ZCash   &   Get.ZEN

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