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    Binance buys Voyager for $1.02 billion

    American Binance Company, Binance.US , won the bid to purchase Voyager and its assets. 

    Their bid of $1.022 billion was selected by Voyager as “ the highest and best offer for its assets after reviewing strategic options with the primary objective of maximizing value returned to customers and other creditors in an accelerated timeframe ". 

    Even Binance CEO CZ also took to Twitter to announce the exciting news.

    Here is the official press release from Voyager:

    The press release talks about the next step when it states, “ Voyager Digital LLC will seek bankruptcy court approval to enter into the asset purchase agreement between Voyager Digital LLC and Binance.US at a hearing on January 5, 2023. "

    The next step in this process is seeking bankruptcy court approval for the asset purchase agreement between Voyager and Binance.

    The next hearing is scheduled for 2 weeks, on January 5, 2023. 

    It's even more exciting to see the CEO of Binance.US tweet that this agreement means affected customers will receive our cryptocurrency instead of the cash equivalent.

    This is huge news in my opinion; although I am biased as I am an affected customer myself. 

    I'd much rather get all the bitcoins I have locked up in Voyager instead of their cash value. 

    It certainly means that Binance is in a strong financial position if they manage to spend $1 billion to save Voyager. 

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