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    Top 5 Best Bitcoin Faucets / Faucets for Free Cryptocurrency in 2021

    Best Bitcoin Faucets

    A bitcoin faucet is an application or website that functions as a reward system for users who receive small amounts of bitcoin for completing microtasks or viewing ads. In this review, you will find the best bitcoin faucets that you can use to start earning your first few satoshis today.

    5. Yannik

    Yannik is a German faucet and has been on the internet since 2015. That means it's one of the oldest faucets out there, and there are several good reasons why it's been around for so long. It is well paid and really easy to use. You can earn Bitcoin and IOTA there.

    Unfortunately the interface is really bad. It's hard to navigate the site because everything seems out of order. Hard to describe, best to see for yourself. However, it is still a really good faucet and we can recommend it.

    You also see the site admin in the footprint and that's really rare. Most of the owners are completely anonymous and if some problems occur, you don't get any help at all. In Yannik, you know exactly who is running it, and in the worst case scenario, you could even sue them. This is a really good sign of a legitimate faucet and is all too rare in the cryptocurrency world.

    Yannik's features are:

    Begining: 2015
    Payouts: direct / faucetpay
    Ref-Commission: 1 level, 15%
    Pick up time (in min.): BTC 10 min.
    IOTA 60 min.
    Earnings: A good one
    Captcha: Yes
    payout: automatically
    payout limit: 0.0003 BTC or 0.0001 IOTA

    Yannik himself orders to 5 –  that place  on our list.

    How can I earn cryptocurrencies on Yannik?

    First of all, you earn IOTA and Bitcoin from the faucet. You can claim Bitcoin every 10 minutes and IOTA every 60 minutes. You don't need to use a short link or other annoying stuff, just solve the captcha and you get your coins. If you claim at least once every 24 hours, you get a loyalty bonus. Each day increases by 1% to a maximum of 100%. This means if you claim 100 days in a row, the amount of Satoshis for each claim is doubled. If you forget to claim once every 24 hours, you have to start over from scratch. This is a bit rough, we'd prefer to give you a little more time before you start over with your loyalty bonus. It's hard to go on vacation and immediately lose your loyalty bonus.

    The amount you can claim is cumulative. This means the longer you wait, the more coins you get. You can see the billing rates directly on the faucet.

    As you can see, you earn the most if you claim every 10 minutes, but it's also good if you claim once a day. Note that the amount of satoshi varies. It depends on the price of bitcoin, if bitcoin falls you earn more satoshi, if bitcoin rises you earn less satoshi. You always get the same amount of dollar value in Satoshi.

    Yannik offers other earning opportunities in addition to the faucet. If you like to gamble, you can also use their Provably Fair Hi and Low Game. But we don't recommend it because the odds of winning are only 49.5%. But if you feel lucky, feel free to test it.

    Yannik offers a variety of different quote walls.

    You can see what you can do on each offer wall right below the name, so you don't have to click on it and check it out. Some bid walls are limited to different countries, if one bid wall doesn't work for you, try another. Please note that if you experience any problems with your Bidwall payment, you can only contact the support team from the provider. Yannik admin cannot help you with such problems.

    Another method to earn Satoshi in Yannik is PTC Ads. You need to click on an ad, stay on the site for a few seconds, enable the captcha and click on claim. You immediately receive a reward. In the overview you see how many seconds it takes you to stay on the site and how many Satoshis you earn.

    Yannik is more than a faucet.

    Yannik is not just a free bitcoin earning site, it also includes a small blog with the latest cryptocurrency news. Unfortunately, news is rare, but we think it's a good idea. It would be nice if the blog would get some updates regularly.

    If you promote Yannik on Twitter, Facebook, in a forum or write a review on your blog, you will also receive some Satoshi. It's a great idea and we really like it. This way you can get referrals and earn some Satoshi directly from Yannik. You earn twice for one review, that's great. For every person you refer, you get 15% from their claims. You have to claim at least once on 24% to get the referral money, this means if you are inactive there with lots of referrals, you don't get anything.

    Our conclusion

    Yannik is one of the oldest faucets out there, and it's also one of the best. Of course, the site looks a bit strange and the minimum withdrawal is quite high at 30000 Satoshi, but you can be sure that you will reach it in a decent amount of time. If you just claim the faucet and watch the PTC ads, you can easily earn around 60 satoshis per day without any effort. If by any chance the admin decides to improve the layout of the site, this will be an even better faucet. But still, Yannik is a great faucet and you should absolutely use it at least once every 24 hours to earn your loyalty bonus.

    4. FireFaucet

    FireFaucet is one of the best ways to earn free cryptocurrency available right now. It's not a normal faucet, but more like a Surfbar. You launch it and it automatically declares one or more cryptocurrencies of your choice. It really pays well and the best part is it's fun. This is worth a lot, not many faucets manage to motivate you to be active on their site like FireFaucet .

    Here are the features of FireFaucet:

    Begining: 2018
    Total payouts: 3
    Ref-Commission: 20%
    Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
    Time for taking (in min.): 30 min.
    Earnings: A good one
    Captcha: Without
    payout: automatically
    Payout Limit: it depends on the cryptocurrency

    FireFaucet ranks at 4 –  that place  on our list.

    How can I earn cryptocurrencies on FireFaucet?

    First, you need to earn some Auto Claim Points, also called ACPs. As soon as you have an ACP, you can start making claims. You can choose whether you want to spend 1, 2, 3 or 4 ACP every minute. If you choose 4, you use 4 ACP, but you also get 4 times the amount of your chosen cryptocurrency. You will ask now, why would anyone choose anything else after 4, right? Well, for each request you make, you get 1 "Activity". With enough "Activity" you level up. For each level up you get some satoshi for free and the amount of cryptocurrency you get for each claim also increases. This means that the higher level you are, the more you earn.

    How can I get ACP and Activity in FireFaucet?

    The cool thing is that for almost everything you do in FireFaucet, you gain ACP and Activity . For example, you can resolve direct links. Depending on the short link you earn between 40 and 50 ACP. Also, for every short link you decide, you get a bonus of 1% for the next short link. The bonus resets every day, but you can easily earn a lot of ACP there.

    FireFaucet also has a faucet, you can request once every 30 minutes. You get a random amount of ACP for each claim. FireFaucet also has many different walls to offer. However, offer walls face the same problem as anywhere else, if you do not receive your reward for an offer, FireFaucet cannot help you and you must contact the offer wall directly.

    FireFaucet also offers some tasks and PTC ads to earn ACP. PTC ads need to stay focused which makes them annoying to do but they give you 50 ACP per ad. It doesn't matter what you do to get ACP, you also get "Activity".

    There is also a competition every day, the most active user wins 10 Dogecoin. But there is a lot of work to be done first, and the reward is not enough for that. But if you still want to collect a lot of ACP, feel free to try to win the race. The 20 most active people win something.

    Can I convert my ACP too?

    If you don't want to claim just once a minute, you can also convert ACP to a cryptocurrency of your choice. But if you convert it, you earn 5% less. You also miss the Activity, so you won't level if you convert. That's why it's a good idea to just declare autonomous while doing other things. You can easily run Autofaucet and let it sit in the background while you do other things on your computer. This way you earn money while surfing the web or playing a game.

    What is my referral commission?

    You get 20% from every cryptocurrency your referral withdraws. This is important to know, you get nothing if they just sign up and never interact with FireFauet. You earn from your referrals only if they withdraw their coins. If your referral withdraws for example Ethereum, you get 20% of his amount as commission. Of course he doesn't get less, you get it as a bonus. You can then exchange it for a cryptocurrency of your choice if you don't want Ethereum. This way you always earn your favorite cryptocurrency from your referrals. By the way, you can withdraw directly to your wallet or to FaucetPay, the minimum withdrawal amount depends on the cryptocurrency.

    Our conclusion on FireFaucet

    FireFaucet is a great site. The pay is good and it's really a lot of fun. I absolutely hate direct links and never do them except in FireFaucet. The whole system is genius and a lot of fun to level up. If I'm close to leveling up, I sometimes solve some direct links just to get it up today. FireFaucet manages to keep its users motivated perfectly.

    FireFaucet admins are also really communicative and they update quite often if something new comes up. They are working very hard to improve FireFaucet and they tell you exactly what they are working on. This is a great sign and shows that they are a legit business. Unfortunately, like most faucets, admins remain completely anonymous, meaning you have absolutely no way to do anything if they suddenly decide to shut down FireFaucet. That's why you should always withdraw your money as soon as you can. That way you don't lose much if they go bankrupt or try to scam people.

    But we're pretty sure they won't scam anyone, they've been online since 2018 and everyone has gotten their money by now. That's why we can only recommend FireFaucet, it's one of the most fun and best paying faucets out there.

    3. FaucetCrypto

    The first impression of Faucetcrypto is really good. As soon as you log in for the first time, you see a small tutorial that explains everything you need to know. Some other faucets also have this kind of tutorials, but Faucetcrypto does it perfectly. They tell you the most important information without any frills. That way you learn what you need to know and still get to explore the site and try everything. This is a great introduction.

    As soon as you complete the short tutorial, you will see your dashboard. Faucetcrypto looks really good and you can easily navigate through the site. The site isn't full of ads, but it has a really annoying redirect to another site that doesn't open in a new tab. This means you have to keep pressing "Back" in your browser. But aside from those annoying ads, the site is really intuitive and easy to use. For example, if you click on PTC Ads, you'll see exactly how many ads there are, how many you've already made today, and how much you can earn if you fill them all. This is a nice feature and a great idea.

    The withdrawal fee is really small, around 50 coins and you can directly withdraw as soon as you win 1000 coins. This is easily achievable in 2 or 3 days. By the way, you always earn coins in Faucetcrypto, but you can change them to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of your choice whenever you want.

    As usual, the owner of Faucetcrypto remains hidden. We only know that the domain has been registered since 2017 in Panama.

    Features of FaucetCrypto are:

    Application time (in minutes): 40 min.
    Earnings: Average
    Captcha: Yes
    Payout: automatically
    payout limit: 0.00001 BTC

    FaucetCrypto borrows 3 –  that place on our list.

    How can you earn Bitcoin on Faucetcrypto?

    You will find a variety of different things to earn bitcoins with. As the name already suggests, you can request from their faucet. You must wait 40 minutes between each claim. If you want to make a claim, you have to wait about 15 seconds. You can then claim your coins.

    PTC ads

    PTC ads are another good method to earn some bitcoin. You need to click on an add-on and wait about 15 seconds. You are then redirected to the add and have to wait between 16 and 40 seconds again. The window needs to be in focus all the time, which makes it really annoying to do. The pay isn't very good either.

    If you choose to make some direct links, you also have to wait 15 seconds before being redirected to the short link. It's a short time, but whatever you do, you have to wait. This makes Faucetcrypto really boring and annoying.

    Faucetcrypto also offers a wide variety of achievements

    This is really a great idea and motivates you to do some extra PTC ads or direct links every day to get your daily or weekly achievements. It's fun and offers you some nice bonus coins.

    There are also some offer walls, but they are nothing special. It's a little weird that you can only use Offerwalls if you're level 20, but you can easily reach level 20 in a few days. We don't know why you have to level up before you can use them. Weird solution from Faucetcrypto.

    By the way, whatever you do, you gain Experience. The more experience you get, the higher your level. If your level goes up, your earnings go up too. But that's not all, you also have a chance to get an item when you complete a task. Items can temporarily increase your income or you can sell them on the market. Other users can buy them and you can decide how high the price is. But if you set the price too high, no one will buy it. This is a really cool and fun idea and no other faucet that we know of has this feature. It's a unique and fun way to motivate you to get more done.

    For your daily activity, you will receive small gifts in Faucetcrypto. Depending on the type and level of your activities, the gifts also vary. This feature is really nice.

    Do you get commission for referring people?

    Of course you get a commission. You get 20% from everything your referral owns. He doesn't earn less, you get it as a bonus directly from Faucetcrypto. You can increase this with items if you want. But before you buy an item and use it, do the math and figure out if it's worth it to you. Otherwise, it may happen that you pay more for the item than you gain from it.

    We believe this site is a must-see in 2021.

    2. FreeBitco

    Freebitcoin is a very old faucet and has been online for so long for a good reason. It pays well and works great. The design of Freebitcoin looks a bit old, but it works really well. Freebitcoin's biggest downsides are the really high minimum withdrawal and the high withdrawal fee, but that's okay because the payout is really good. The site also offers SSL protection, which is a rare thing for a faucet, but unfortunately the owners remain anonymous. This is common for faucets, but we still don't like it.

    There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest from day one!) and your balance can be withdrawn anytime you want. Treat your account as an instant access savings account , to keep your excess bitcoins and yes earn passive interestof your account balance every day. The good thing about is that you get your password and two-factor authentication protecting your bitcoins. And just to let you know, has been around for more than 6 years now. 

    Here's a breakdown of the main features associated with the faucet :

    Begining: 2013
    Total payouts: 17
    Ref. Commission: 50%
    Pick up time (in min.): 60 min.
    Earnings: A good one
    Captcha: Yes
    Payout: hand

    How can you earn bitcoin on Freebitcoin?

    Freebitcoin does not offer many different methods of earning bitcoins . The main source of income is their faucet. You must wait 60 minutes after claiming before you can claim again. The faucet really pays well, and if you claim, you're rolling the dice. If you're lucky and roll a big number, you get even more. If you use Freebitcoin a lot, you might be able to get their jackpot, the odds are 1 to 10000. Their jackpot is really high and even if you don't get the big prize, you will get a lot of Satoshi from using their Faucets. You can also play a number of different games at Freebitcoin, but every game involves gambling. You should only bet if you feel lucky because the odds are against you. In casinos, the house always wins.

    If you claim from their faucet, you also win 2 free lottery tickets and 2 reward points. Lottery tickets automatically entitle you to participate in their lottery. The chances of winning are really small, but you get the lottery tickets for free and it's automatic, if you're lucky, you'll win and you don't have to risk at all.

    Reward points are a really cool idea and quite unique. You can trade your reward points for a variety of things. You can exchange them for Satoshi, one reward point is equal to 1 Satoshi. But you must have at least 100,000 reward points to redeem them. That's really high, but you get them for free too, so it doesn't matter that much. You can also exchange your rewards points for physical rewards like a new Apple Iphone or GoPro. This is a really great idea. Even if it is almost impossible to get enough points for the rewards, it is still motivating to use their faucet.

    You can also deposit your money in Freebitcoin and get interest on it. They are currently paying 4.08% interest per year, that's pretty good. But until you know anything about the owners of Freebitcoin, you should not deposit your money there. Chances are slim, but if they suddenly decide to scam people, you'll lose your deposit with no chance of getting it back.

    Is it worth referring people to Freebitcoin?

    It is an extremely good idea to refer people to Freebitcoin because you get 50% from all their faucet claims. Of course they don't earn less, you get it as a bonus. You also get 0.4% of whatever they bet and 25% of their interest. You also get 1 lottery ticket and 1 reward point for each referral withdrawal. With enough referrals it is possible to achieve the great reward points rewards, but without referrals it is almost impossible. But this is a good motivation to refer your friends to Freebitcoin.

    Our conclusion about Freebitcoin

    Freebitcoin offers a really great faucet with very good payout and the reward points idea if pretty cool and unique. The minimum amount to withdraw your money is a little high and the withdrawal fee is also quite hefty, but since the faucet pays well, it is doable.

    The coolest thing about Freebitcoin is their referral program. 50% are a lot and you even get lottery tickets and reward points, that's just awesome. It's a bit sad that Freebitcoin doesn't offer any other methods to earn Bitcoin, but a really good faucet with no other earning options is still better than a bad faucet with many other bad methods to earn Bitcoin. We can really recommend Freebitcoin, especially if you can refer some people to it. Then your income will skyrocket. And if you're a little lucky and win their lottery, you'll get a lot of money. Right now the first prize is around $1000 and that's really a lot. You should try Freebitcoin, claim several times a day and after a few weeks you will be able to withdraw your money.

    1. Cointiply

    Cointiply has been around since 2017 and has changed a lot over time. When it started, it featured a really complex mining game. They were really generous with the amount of coins they gave to their users and Cointiply lost a lot of money. They learned from their mistakes, removed the mining game completely and added other things like offer walls. Why are we giving you this little history lesson?

    How can you earn Bitcoin on Cointiply?

    First of all, you don't earn Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on Cointiply. There you can earn Coins. As soon as you decide to withdraw, you can decide whether you want Bitcoin or Dogecoin. The amount you receive depends on the current market value of the chosen cryptocurrency. Coins have a fixed value in dollars, 10000 coins are worth 1 dollar. There are different ways to earn coins on Cointiply, but their faucet is the main one.

    It depends on your country how often you can claim. It varies between 1 and 12 hours. You roll a number between 1 and 99999 and the higher you roll, the more coins you get.

    If you manage to roll 99999, you get the jackpot. We never rolled the jackpot, but we rolled pretty high and then you get 103 coins and the bonus. With one lucky roll you can get over 200 coins (about 2 cents) at once, that's quite a lot for a faucet. This makes Cointiply the best paying faucet out there.

    Cointiply offers interesting tasks like watching videos, playing games in the browser, installing apps, visiting web pages and more. What appeals to their nearly quarter million user base is the chance to win 100,000 satoshis with every turn of the faucet.

    Features of Cointiply are:

    • Earn five percent interest when you hold a minimum of 350,000 satoshis in your Cointiply account
    • Deposit BTC to your Cointiply account to earn more interest
    • Loyalty bonus from 1 to 100 percent on daily withdrawals
    • Earn reward points by completing tasks and leveling up
    • Earn 25 percent of all your referral requests and ten percent of their referral earnings
    • Payments are processed once a week
    • Multiple microtasks
    • Active chat and social media community
    • External customer support

    Cointiply borrows 1 –  in place  on our list.

    How can you earn Bitcoin on Cointiply?

    First of all, you don't earn Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on Cointiply. There you can earn Coins. As soon as you decide to withdraw, you can decide whether you want Bitcoin or Dogecoin. The amount you receive depends on the current market value of the chosen cryptocurrency. Coins have a fixed value in dollars, 10000 coins are worth 1 dollar. There are different ways to earn coins on Cointiply, but their faucet is the main one.

    It depends on your country how often you can claim. It varies between 1 and 12 hours. You roll a number between 1 and 99999 and the higher you roll, the more coins you get.

    If you manage to roll 99999, you get the jackpot. We never rolled the jackpot, but we rolled pretty high and then you get 103 coins and the bonus. With one lucky roll you can get over 200 coins (about 2 cents) at once, that's quite a lot for a faucet. This makes Cointiply the best paying faucet out there.

    What makes Cointiply special?

    As I already told you, Cointiply once had a complex mining game. It didn't work out for them in the end, but it was still a nice idea. But now they made a new game called Cointivity. For every 10 coins you earn, you get 1 CointiPoint.

    With CointiPoints, you can buy various items that increase the amount of coins you can earn on Cointiply. There is also a leveling system. The more coins you earn, the more experience you get and your level up. The higher your level, the more items you can equip.

    It's a bit tricky and you have to be really active to earn from it. But maybe you like it and have fun with it. That would be great because earning free crypto and having fun at the same time is a sweet deal.

    Don't forget the rain

    If you use Cointiply a lot, you should not forget to participate in the rain. You must manually click in the upper left corner to open the "Current Rain Pool" to participate. Whatever you do at Cointiply, you withdraw your share of the rain pool. If it's full, you get your share of all the coins in the pool. It's usually not much, but if you're still active, you get them as a free bonus, so be sure to opt-in right before you start doing PTC ads or anything else on Cointiply. The pool fills up very quickly, usually taking just a few hours or less.

    Is there a referral system in Cointiply?

    Of course, you also get rewarded for inviting other people to join Cointiply. For every friend you refer to Cointiply, you get 25% from their claims. Of course, he doesn't get less coins, you just get them as a bonus directly from Cointiply. You also get 10% of everything he earns from bid walls.

    Our conclusion on Cointiply

    Cointiply is currently the best paying faucet on the market. The earnings there are great, they have already proven themselves to be a legitimate business, and if you want, you can spend a lot of time on Cointiply and get paid for it. The only problem with Cointiply is the strange cointiplier bonus and the anonymity of the owners. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with most faucets. Cointiply can seem a bit overwhelming at first because of all the options. If you're not interested in spending a lot of time, feel free to just use their faucet and maybe the PTC ads. They give you the most for your time and even if you just turn on their faucet once a day for loyalty bonus and watch their PTC ads, you won't need that much time to earn enough coins to withdraw your money.

    Bitcoin faucets can be fun, but they won't make you a Bitcoin millionaire

    They are an interesting way for you to get into the Bitcoin space without having to commit your own money. Although it's a great way to earn free bitcoins , the rewards are small and it will take you a long time to win significant amounts.

    Still, Bitcoin faucets offer new users great insights into how the cryptocurrency ecosystem works and allow newcomers to play around with setting up a Bitcoin wallet, sending and receiving transactions, and interacting with Bitcoin platforms without having to take any risks. and a penny.

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