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    Balanced portfolio should consist of at least 70% BTC, 60% ETH, 30% top 15 altcoins, 20% stablecoins and 10% small cap

    **DISCLAIMER: This article is satire.**

    I've seen many newcomers ask questions about how they should divide their portfolio. In this thread I will share my experience about the perfect arrangement.

    To start you want at least 70% in BTC. This is the granddaddy of all coins and your most stable. The higher the percentage of BTC, the better.

    Next is ETH, I found 60% to be a good level. Even if you only have BTC and ETH, you will have 130% of your portfolio in 2 coins, up to the 100% you started with. To instantly have 30% more, you are a genius.

    Next up are the large cap altcoins. I'm singling out the 30% here. You can let others do your own research to decide which coin is best for you, but possible examples are SOL, ADA, DOT, LINK, AVAX, etc. Following the advice up to this point, you have at least a 160% portfolio.

    Maintaining 20% stablecoins is key to any portfolio. You can earn interest (up to 20%, thanks to the fully legitimate Anchor protocol) on stables, plus any price action. I saw a tik-tok'er predict that Tether will reach $5 this year. I think this is bullish, but I can easily see USDT moving to $3. Let's say you earn 20% interest on your 20% investment, now you have 40% (accumulating interest works wonders). Now your portfolio allocation is 200% and you have doubled your money.

    Now that you've doubled your money, switching to a 100% portfolio allocation to 200%, you have the freedom to bet on small cap coins. I would save that until the 10%.

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