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    Avalanche Liquidity - Benqi Protocol (QI) mining on Binance Launchpool

    QI Binance Launchpool introduces a decentralized no-deprivation of market liquidity protocol for one of the most up-to-date enforcement blockchains. The Benqi (QI) protocol is implemented on Avalanche and can scale DeFi with mining tools. The $QI token powers the protocol and has liquidity management and mining functions. The long-term goal is to create a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance by deploying DeFi tools on Avalanche subnets. The first step was the launch of AVAX's first lending and borrowing marketplace.


    The $QI token powers the BENQI ecosystem. The QI holder can participate in management decisions and snapshots and influence the release of future products. They can also stake the assets in LP or QI pool to get rewards, QI staking is also available. 

    The total supply is set at 7,200,000,000 tokens, and 22,000,000 will be distributed during the farming event on Binance Launchpool . The best ratio is in the Binance Coin pool, where 70% of the reward will be shared. 


    Supported pools will have a set allocation ratio, with no farming percentage, as the QI token was specified from the start of the campaign. Of the total daily reward of 7333333 tokens, 513333 are currently shared among those who have staked BNB.


    There are still 12 days left for QI Farming, and the speed of farming and utility of the token makes it look more attractive than FAN tokens. I focused on QI farming before power-farming SANTOS for 5 days. Now that the SANTOS rate has been reduced, I'm back to QI farming.


    The QI agriculture allocation does not include a period of power cultivation prior to enumeration. IN Binance Launchpool distributes 733333 QI tokens per day, shared across BNB, BUSD and Avax pools. I am collecting $QI with both Binance Coin and Binance USD, planning to increase my share until the end of the campaign. the most QI Binance Launchpool will end on December 15th at 23:59 UTC.  

    Since November 16th, when I started QI farming, I have accumulated 250 tokens. I feel the Avalanche ecosystem will grow further and the Benqi project has a use case and potential. Given the above reasons, I decided to hold the tokens and wait for them to multiply in value. As AVAX's DeFi market will grow, Benqi will reflect the effect due to early presence in the ecosystem


    Other options for Binance Launchpool:  

    IN Santos Launchpool is available until December 26th, ending with a token value of up to $7. Read all about it at The Black-and-White from the Beach – Farming Santos FAN Tokens on Binance Launchpool


    IN Manchester City Launchpool it's still for another week, and with a value hovering above $10, it's still a good option to farm. Read all about it at sky blue… sky blue: manchester city fan launch pool


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