What is AutoFaucet?

    AutoFaucet offers you various earning opportunities. The easiest approach to enter the crypto world and invest in your future by following the latest patterns. Decide the most sufficient way that suits you without saving assets. In addition, every move you make on the site helps you get level bonuses so you can increase your income a step up. Sign up and start mining now!


    The main functions:

    • Different types of withdrawal
    • Instant exchange
    • 20% Referral Bonus
    • Instant withdrawal
    • Premium support
    • you can get lifetime 20% commission!
    • You can get your earnings without waiting, moreover, in different ways to download.
    • We offer Automatic and Manual Request with different features.
    • Increase your profits
    • You can get more profits by growing in levels
    • Enjoy the convenience of instant exchange at very low fees.
    • Get direct support by creating a ticket.

    How to get free cryptocurrency on AutoFaucet?


    AutoFaucet offers you various earning opportunities. The services it offers are the easiest way to enter the crypto world and invest in your future by following the latest trends. Determine the most adequate way that suits you to earn without depositing any funds. Also, every single action you take on the website helps you gain points to level up so you can increase your earnings by leveling up. Create your account and start earning now!

    Three types of ways to withdraw funds from AutoFaucet?


    There are 3 different categories of downloads. You can claim through the Auto Withdraw menu to automatically receive coins, through the Manual Claim or through the Level Up menu to level up in FaucetPay. Our offers depend on the type of your request. First, please select your request type!
    After choosing your category, choose your currency and just enter your wallet address below, click submit and leave the page open to receive coins automatically every minute for 60 minutes!
    NEW! You can claim multicoins at the same time! You just need to open new tabs in your browser for each coin!

    • Tasks
      Start growing your crypto wealth by completing tasks. The only thing you have to do is visit the necessary links and complete the easy tasks you have chosen from the offer wall!
    • Mining
      Mining is one way to get cryptocurrency. Join the cryptocurrency trend and start mining different currencies with your CPU and GPU power!
    • Games
      If you want to earn money by playing games in a fun way, you can try this part. Enjoy exciting games with a chance to multiply your winnings, make even greater wealth!

    Double profit from AutoFaucet!

    You can also claim our other auto claim faucet at the same time to double your winnings!
    Now go to AUTOCLAIM.IN and login with your wallet!

    How to use the automatic faucet?

    The automatic faucet is easy to use and configure. First of all, you will need to decide what coins you want to get. The second option is where you want to get it. Feel free to choose for credit (5% bonus), ExpressCrypto or FaucetPay (10% bonus).
    Once you've decided that, choose when you want to get paid. You can choose between 2 minutes, 5 minutes (1% bonus) or 10 minutes (2% bonus). Now the last option is Payment Boost, you can choose between, 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x.
    You'll see under Estimated Rates the rates you'll get when you use the faucet.

    Referral Program (20% REFERRAL BONUS)

    You can earn generous commissions by referring users to AUTO FAUCET.



    You can withdraw your funds in 2 micro wallets (FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto). This is only for the supported coins! Some coins do not currently have a withdrawal method.


    AutoFaucet is a legitimate program that directly pays you to your preferred microprogram with some bonuses. It's still under development, but there are some cool features coming to the site in the near future.

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