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    Advancing Humanity: Principles of Eudaimonia, Saving Our Species | Part 5

    September 4, 2021 : Based on the current dangers balanced with the potential methods of combat, the question of how to move our civilization to one that is fractally resilient can be understood. With this fifth document for “ Advancing humanity ' we will explore the fundamental structure of a fractious civilization and the avenues of implementation that can be employed.

    Go from inquiry to action

    At this stage in our investigations the aim should now be to use the wealth of information presented in the first four documents – to bring it all home if you will. To do this, we need to write a blueprint that everyone can follow to move from our current civilization to a fracto-sustainable civilization. The following steps will be explained in detail, but are presented here to demonstrate expectations as we move through Paper 5. These steps can be implemented by any organization of people – including households, communities, local municipalities, cities, states and nations.

    The steps to implement the fractious civilization model are as follows:

    1. Educating about current dangers and changing our worldview

    2. Adoption of decentralized currencies and subsequent disposal of traditional centralized entities to finance innovation in multiple sectors to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    3. Application of the eudaimonic socio-economic model, i.e. eudaimonism (which will be presented in detail) to create communities that are built for sustainable production, participation and protection of the biosphere; pursuit of fractal sustainability

    4.   Extending aid to other communities once fractal sustainability is achieved and a surplus is generated, to create a lasting network of human civilizations, ie. return to sustainable globalization

    With the successful implementation of the above plan by a large enough percentage of the nations' population (starting with Western nations), greenhouse gas emissions can be successfully mitigated enough to prevent catastrophic runaway climate change. The continuity of young generations and the preservation of thousands of years of human progress, knowledge and technology are essential. This will most likely be the most difficult task in the history of the human race, but the stakes demand it.


    Step One - Educate and change our worldview

    The age of widespread awareness of the shortcomings of modern humanity - the great awakening

    The most pernicious shortcoming of current methods of action to combat abrupt global climate change is simply the lack of proper education on the matter. The global media has failed to adequately portray the dangers in a way that is met with urgent, systemic changes sufficient to limit our current rates of unsustainable growth. Through local niche, grassroots education efforts (ie local community leaders whom people trust) the success of this educational movement becomes more likely.

    This first step is the most important to the entire success of the implementation of this new model. Both elements of this step – the current dangers of climate change and the need to completely shift our entire worldview – are absolutely crucial to the adoption of such a model. In addition to community efforts aimed at education and worldview change, we must urgently educate our youth, at least from high school through college, about the immediate and lasting dangers of our current rate of climate collapse and biodiversity collapse. This must be completed through tutors.

    With access to the most robust information tools ever created, today's youth are among the most qualified individuals on the planet to help transform society. The abundance of knowledge available through means such as the Internet has allowed younger generations to become the most well-informed, intelligent generations in human history. As well as being informed of the dangers to their future, empowering young people to assist in this transformational change will help ensure a change in our worldview and mindset at least happens in our future and upcoming generations.

    Topics in educational institutions must be adjusted to fit the worldview of limited resources and potentially catastrophic climate stability, with the primary focus coming at the collegiate level. College students are tomorrow's leaders, and all of these people need to be informed about the specifics of the climate crisis. Anything else is not only a wasted resource, but another generation that may have to learn the truth on its own and deal with the inherent contradictions of this awakening. We just don't have time for such a scenario.

    Mental health must also become a priority in this first step, with a special focus on our young people. Information about our current dire situation will come with answers that lead to deep anxiety, depression, and other mental health consequences. Being introduced to the topic of drastic climate change and coming to terms with the fact that you may not have a future is extremely damning for anyone to hear, let alone our youth. It is imperative that the mental health of these individuals becomes an extremely high priority. Protecting our youth is all that matters as they are the future of humanity.

    If they succeed, both our communities and our youth will be sufficiently educated about the immediate danger facing all of humanity and can be brought into discussions about mitigation and implementation of the FSC model for some iteration of the model. This increases our ability to deal significantly with current dangers.


    Step Two – Accept decentralized currencies and defund centralized entities

    The adoption of widespread, systemic, transformational change – the human revolution

    The next step in the process is the immediate, widespread adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies, which will allow communities to separate themselves from malicious, centralized entities such as governments and corporations. This is absolutely necessary. Shutting down the government and cracking down on damaging corporations would deal an immediate economic blow to the parties that have allowed the deaths of millions and the dangers now facing all of humanity.

    Through the adoption of cryptocurrency, potentially trillions of dollars flowing into these assets will provide local communities with the funds needed to make major restructuring and innovative changes in a number of different sectors – including energy, internet, communications, water supply and agricultural systems. As new sustainable infrastructure is funded and developed, centralized entities are decommissioned and decommissioned, and our model of endless growth is abandoned, a return to localization will provide humanity with a chance to completely halt the growing dangers of climate change.

    Steps one and two must happen back to back and be done immediately and quickly. This is the reason:

    Because aerosol masking helps eliminate some of the warming effects of greenhouse gas emissions, there will be an immediate rise in global temperatures of possibly up to 0.5 degrees when fossil fuel burning is stopped. If we wait too long, even if we achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the aerosol masking effect could add significantly more warming and push us above the tipping points, effectively guaranteeing the systemic collapse of both the climate and the biosphere. That's why it's absolutely imperative that steps one and two happen as quickly as possible. We're out of time again.

    As cryptocurrencies are adopted and a decentralized, democratized, localized infrastructure is developed, this is the step where the masses can leave their jobs in the current civilization and return to their communities to begin this restructuring. It will take a lot of people to redesign households, apartments, public buildings, etc. Most people will be needed to facilitate the decentralization of agriculture and tend towards crop harvesting and water harvesting. In this way, a large period of unemployment can be avoided, as traditional money will no longer be needed. This step will also require the greatest resilience of people. Communities must come together to bring about the necessary change to begin the decentralization of energy and agriculture. It will be an extremely difficult time.

    Here in step two is the step where the greatest danger of centralized entities will occur. It is impossible to predict the reaction of centralized entities to this change in level. With the demise of traditional governments, corporations and the like, it can be immediately labeled as treason or terrorism by the mass media. That's because it will be the fastest disempowerment the elite have ever experienced, with that power switching hands from a handful of corporate boards, politicians and billionaires to the masses. The possibilities of immediate police, military action, martial law, suspension of human rights and other factors cannot be ruled out. It is imperative that you do not engage these forces if possible. Entering into protracted conflict with centralized powers could slow down our efforts to mitigate drastic climate change and hinder humanity's chances of survival. With that said, we must protect our local communities – and most importantly, our future generations at all costs, which is precisely the purpose of these documents.

    Centralized entities lose their power as soon as the masses decide to stop recognizing their authority and influence. To combat this narrative, fear and propaganda will undoubtedly be used to turn us against each other. This is yet another example of the fundamental importance of the first step in educating everyone, especially the young, about the dangers facing humanity right now and how to change our worldview. If this step is really successful, the propaganda will be far less effective. At this point, when propaganda fails, they must resort to physical control and violence.

    If governments and corporations really cared about people, violence would not occur. This is checkmate. These entities will either allow the revolutionary, transformational change of civilization to begin, or their true nature will become known to all individuals on this planet and they will resort to mass violence to maintain their power. The masses outnumber the elite by billions. In this way, we are stronger than they will ever be, which means that we can and will prevail if that is the case.

    At the end of a second step, the current civilization will be replaced by a return to localization and the widespread application of decentralized innovation to facilitate the cessation of human greenhouse gas emissions. Consumerism, corporatism, traditional governments, economics and all entities associated with the former will be temporarily suspended. Here courage will be most necessary, not hope. If this step is successful, greenhouse gas emissions will be stopped and humanity will be given time to use the principles of eudaimonia and start creating the model of fracturing civilization.


    Step Three - Apply the principles of Eudaimonia and create a fracto-resistant civilization

    The creation of a new, sustainable, fractal civilization - the great recovery

    The principles of eudaimonia can be understood through the origin of the term eudaimonia. Around 350 BCE (although the exact dating is up for debate), the Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote his works on ethics entitled Nicomachean Ethics. Within this work, an inquiry into the foundations of human happiness, or depending on the exact translation used, human flourishing or prosperity, provided the best-known basis for the term eudaimonia. This term refers to the state that an individual reaches through an understanding of true human purpose, which is based on our capacity for deep intellectual reflection and striving to achieve our full potential. The fulfillment of this potential, according to Aristotle, is only possible through the consistent improvement of our intellectual capacity and the pursuit of virtue. Through this refinement, humanity naturally moves toward a higher understanding that ultimately leads each individual to their own state of eudaimonia.

    Using the basis of Aristotle's work, a philosophical ideology can be derived: eudaimonism, i.e. the principles of eudaimonia and the philosophy behind the creation and implementation of fractotolerant civilization. In other words, through the elements provided in these documents, it is simply humanity continuing on its path to a higher understanding – finding a new way to organize ourselves with a newfound understanding of the reality in which we all exist. Thus, the foundation of Aristotle's ethical philosophy is placed within the framework of the social model of human society for the organization of a fractious civilization. While human beings arose from nature itself, the capacity for deep, intellectual human reasoning is unique to our species, at least within our planet based on current knowledge. 

    Current societal philosophies and ideologies fall short of this responsibility. This in turn has led to the existential threat humanity now finds itself in. Even worse, 21st century humanity has also fallen off the path of improving our reasoning about the world. This has led to a great disconnect between humanity and nature, between different cultures in our current civilization, and even between individuals. Eudaimonism addresses these systemic failures by expanding the social model to include the purposeful production of value, inclusion among actors in that value creation, and an emphasis on the fundamental connection between humanity and the natural world on which we rely.

    By understanding eudaimonia, we can more easily define what it means to be human and to be separate from human society. A major liability arises from this premise. By fixing our philosophy we can fix ourselves, and by fixing ourselves we can save ourselves from the clutches of destruction at the hands of the planet we call home. Here we can already introduce and apply the ideology of eudaimonism. The basic philosophy behind such a theory can be understood by the following equation:

    The Eudaimonia equation

    Prosperity = Purposeful Production + Inclusive Participation + Sustainable Protection


    Targeted production

    This concept refers to the production of readily useful objects, technologies, structures, infrastructure, etc., that have fundamental value to civilization. The basis of such production must be one that improves the prosperity of both humanity and the biosphere in the long term. Currently, consumption is the exact opposite of purposeful production. The goods we produce have no intrinsically important value or cause in society. Our goods are simply created for consumption and nothing more.

    This will be a period of sacrifice as the mass availability of industrial products disappears. Basic items such as drugs, certain technologies, necessary parts for innovation and research can be continued to some extent. However, most of the comforts currently enjoyed by Western civilizations will have to be abandoned until we find a better, more sustainable way to initiate this level of production. This is where regret can manifest itself most strongly and will be a period of questioning of this entire practice.

    The aerosol effect will stop and the rapid warming of the planet will begin. The first natural reaction to all these changes will be immediate regret for the previous acts of transformational change and there will be a yearning to return to how civilization is now. These arguments will be introduced on the basis that the steps humanity has taken to avoid climate disaster have and will not work. There is a possibility that nothing we do will work. This cannot be ruled out. But we'll never know if we don't try. Therefore, the probability of success, even a slight one, justifies action. This period will be similar to that of severe dependence and withdrawal. This is the moment when we must show the greatest strength and resilience. It will be extremely difficult. The current youth and


    Inclusive participation

    With the suspension of centralized entities, one might ask how we would organize ourselves in an efficient manner. This can be achieved through the concept of inclusive participation in the eudaimonic socio-economic framework. There is no government according to words – governance over the fabric of society is done using common governance found in decentralized blockchains. Proof of Stake is perhaps the best for this concept. The coin used for staking should not have any monetary value associated with it - it should simply be used as a type of vote that each participating community member receives for being part of the community.

    Obviously, with the end of consumerism and decentralized currencies now only used in forms of governance, the need for traditional money is being eradicated along with traditional economics, finance and other disciplines. With the decentralization of production, especially in agriculture and other sectors, community building is no longer competitive. Instead of competing with each other to drive innovation, we simply collaborate.

    Collaboration will not only facilitate stronger bonds and connections between participating members of each community, but will also allow our collective minds to connect and tackle issues as one mind. The adage of two heads being better than one applies here – but exponentially. As each community connects and becomes more connected, we become stronger as a species. Innovation is shared with everyone, as is progress. We will discard our previous stereotypes, judgments and other grievances. We will begin to see each other as family and as equals, something that modern civilization has never been able to achieve.


    Durable protection

    The most important part of the eudaimonia equation ( Prosperity = Purposeful Production + Inclusive Participation + Sustainable Protection)  is the unwavering defense of the natural world. As beings of higher understanding, our primary duty is not only to protect the biosphere for the preservation of our own life, but also to protect and nurture the life that exists here. The earth gives us all the resources in which our present civilization is built. We just need to conserve these resources more efficiently and live more sustainably.

    All facilitated production must be controlled at a rate that does not exceed the ecological capacity to support that production. Innovation, over time, may allow us to initiate higher rates of production, especially in terms of new research and innovation within concepts such as unlimited energy, space mining, and automation. Humanity's ambition for growth is not necessarily a bad thing unless it is allowed to expand uncontrollably or unmanageably. Everything should be taken in moderation to promote the best conditions for longevity.

    The above principles of eudaimonia combined form the necessary elements to generate prosperity. Through increasing efforts to increase this net benefit to humanity, the prosperity of everyone in the model can increase over time. The more focused production can be maintained, the more resources will be made available to any organized community. Through inclusive participation, every member of the community will have an immediate say in the implementation of said resources if they choose to participate. As resources are obtained from various sectors in the community and environmental protection is maintained, the community can experience growth in prosperity – including growth in capabilities and freedom of time.

    With the successful deployment of decentralized energy grids, communication and internet infrastructure, and water/agriculture production, a fractious civilization is finally starting to come together. At this stage, each community must reach sustainability and self-sufficiency. When this is achieved, the most difficult part of the transition is over and humanity can then shift its focus to reconnection.


    Step Four – Extending the Connection and Extending the Fractal Pattern

    By successfully implementing the first three steps, any community that chooses to implement this model has now effectively achieved sustainability and self-sufficiency. At this point, the expansion of this fractal society can begin as we move from localization back to a sustainable globalized civilization. Once a community achieves fractal sustainability, it can start networking with other communities. Surpluses that are achieved in production can be shared, along with resources, knowledge and whatever else is needed to help other communities achieve self-reliance as well. The goal here is for each community to be fractally sustainable – meaning they don't rely on other outside help to thrive.

    This process is one that will actually happen concurrently throughout the process – only within the community until this fourth step. As individuals and households attempt to reach their own level of resilience in communities, sharing knowledge, resources and surpluses will help facilitate rapid adoption of this model – and help ensure success. This is why collaboration is so fundamentally important. Without it, society breaks down and turns in on itself.

    Expansion of the relationship, once the community achieves fractal sustainability, can begin with other local communities in the area. The same process is repeated, with each community achieving resilience by helping others to do the same by using the eudaimonia equation. As communities connect, the fractal pattern expands. Ultimately, over time, using the same eudaimonia equation for prosperity, fractal sustainability spreads across regions, nations, and eventually to the entire world. Fractal Resilient Civilization is complete when humanity returns to this level of global connection, but instead supported by resilience that is fractally visible from the individual/household level in every community all the way up to the entire planet.

    This civilization would be the most durable in all of human history, as there are no areas of weak, vulnerable centralization. The strength of any sustainable community is found in all communities. Therefore, even in periods of calamity, the entire civilization could continue without much difficulty, unlike today. Also, if parts of a civilization do experience a disaster (elements of climate change expected to last decades or centuries), the rest of the fracturing civilization will always be there to help those parts in recovery efforts.    

    In doing so, we are not only building a sustainable, resilient global civilization, but this new civilization will also be based on cooperation, equality and love. Group marginalization will be eradicated along with racism, sexism or anything else. Every human being will be seen as equal - no one will stand above anyone. Once all humanity is involved, the possibilities for expansion are unimaginable in current times. By staying true to the eudaimonia equation, multiplanetary civilizations can be created—all with the same fundamental resilience as here on Earth. The possibilities and achievements of such a civilization are truly endless.


    Eudaimonism Summary and Implementation Timeline

    Through the above steps, one can see the way to a more environmentally conscious, sustainable, inclusive future for humanity. We can eradicate unnecessary suffering, banish malevolent concentrations of power, help restore the biosphere we call home, and build ourselves into a better human civilization. With the absence of any power structure, the subsequent pursuit of that power will also cease. This is also the case with elements of greed, particularly related to the pursuit of wealth. Take money and there will be no chase. 

    Governments would disappear, financial tensions would disappear, and the concept of infinite growth, economies and other concepts would be effectively abolished. Humanity will finally correct course and return to what really matters. The better we do the above steps, the healthier our civilization will become. This could lead to a new revolution in art and science; a new era for humanity. From this new culture will emerge a connected, resilient, loving civilization that is sustainable, enduring and potentially eternal.


    To achieve the above, we must act now. Below is an implementation schedule to help alleviate the effects of abrupt climate change on future generations:

    Currently – Step one: Immediately start educational campaigns in every possible community, starting from households, educational institutions and local communities. Here humanity lays the foundation for the success of all other steps. The better the work done in the first step, the greater the success. This training period must be completed hand in hand with comprehensive preparation, especially for the second step. Communities must come together and adopt action plans to implement localization and decentralization before the human revolution in a second step.  

    2021-2025 – Step Two: Strongly incentivize the rapid adoption of decentralized currencies and stop the use of traditional centralized currencies. This must be followed by an immediate end to consumerism, corporatism and other unsustainable practices. Leave the jobs, stop using gas, do whatever it takes to remove money power from centralized entities. This is where the overthrow of the current civilization takes place, and the communities involved must demonstrate unwavering courage. This is the step where failure is extremely high as it will be extremely difficult to give up the comforts of the present life.  

    2025 – 2050 –   Step Three: This will be the period of localization and innovation in communities. Widespread decentralization takes place here. Within this 25-year period, the most difficulties and the greatest probability of failure will occur. This is where humanity must show compassion and resilience. Climate change will continue to worsen over this period until temperature stability is achieved around or after 2050. This is the great sacrifice as current generations give up the comforts of our previous unsustainable civilization to ensure the survival of our children and future generations.

    2050 and beyond – Step Four: So far, sustainability has been achieved with local models. Communities have begun building the fractal by reconnecting with other communities, regions and nations. When the world is reunited, it will be durable and resilient with an unshakable connection to each other. This great period of transformation will be the greatest feat in human history. By the end of the century, globalization can be achieved again.

    Concluding remarks

    The only way this timeline is even remote is if we start today. We don't have time for a slow transition away from fossil fuels. It MUST be immediate, radical and systemic if we are to enable future generations to walk the Earth. Humanity is resilient. We can do this if we encourage each other, work together and strive for the goals here. These documents are in no way a direct road map and exact ways to guide. They are meant to serve as a starting point for something new. I'm only one person - but the absolute lack of viable discussion has prompted me to write these articles, and I feel I've presented a path that may have some merit. Now I leave the rest to all of you.

    Either we will be remembered as the generations of humanity that wasted the Earth and our species, or we will be remembered as the best generations of humanity—those who sacrificed our present lives to save those who come after us. The choice is ours and the deadline is here; now we just have to choose.

    This completes the documents “ Advancing Humanity' . This theory will be organized into one document and distributed to every institution, city, organization and person I can possibly reach. I sincerely thank everyone who reads these articles. Thank you for taking the time to read them and open your minds to my thoughts here. Thank you for considering these ideas. Thanks to everyone who supported these documents with advice. I wish everyone luck and good luck as we move forward. May the future be good to us all.


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