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    5 Cryptocurrencies Good For Long Term Investment 2022

    Want to know which cryptocurrencies are good for long-term investing? Why is it good to invest for the long term? What are the strategies or criteria for choosing cryptocurrencies in which we can invest. Read this article to learn them.

    Why is long-term investing good?
    Of course, in the history of investing, even if it's not in cryptocurrency like in the stock market, long-term investors have had good returns in stocks, especially in blue chips or in really good companies, it's the same with crypto, even though it's more -new compared to the stock market, the earnings trajectory here is still fair in the cryptocurrency market. These are even some of the reasons why long-term cryptocurrency investing is good.

    1. It's not too risky
    Since you have only invested in the market for the long term, it seems that you are just holding and there is nothing to take away, so you will not miss the opportunities that will come because you have only invested in the crypto market, because others are often in and out of crypto, so of course if you're out of crypto you'll miss out on the opportunities you'd be getting into.

    2. Save more money
    Of course, if you trade crypto a lot, you'll also spend a lot on trading fees, sometimes credit or debit card fees or whatever, if you're in it for the long haul, you don't have to pay for gas fees, etc.

    3. Less stress
    So there are many who invested in crypto currency, but they are always stressed or too emotional about what happens in crypto, when it suddenly rises it is very fun, but when the value suddenly falls, it is too much stress or too much sadness which is just a natural reaction but of course it's also hard if it's always like this you might get sick so for less stress it's good to do long term investments as if you just buy and hold so when you buy you don't have a lot of affection for crypto, you don't always have to check.

    4. Easy
    So, because you have less stress, this kind of investing is easier, you don't need to be an expert or a good trader, you don't need to study analytics, etc.

    5. Compound returns
    So, if you are a long-term investor, your crypto or money will also grow over time, especially if you bet on platforms that give you returns every week, month or year, as your crypto grows passively.

    What are the crypto criteria for long-term investing?
    Of course, it's better to have a strategy or we need to check something before investing in cryptocurrency, especially if it's for the long term, so that we don't go bankrupt.

    1. Utility
    Of course it's important that the cryptocurrency you buy is useful, what's the point? What does this do? Is there a problem solved? or what else is possible to do in the future?

    2. Technologies
    Since cryptocurrency seems to be our future currency, or if not completely, it still has a huge role in our future, so you need to know what technology is new or that cryptocurrency can do that you buy in the long term, can whether to be adapted by countries, people or businesses.

    3. Market share
    It is also important that the crypto you buy in the long term is at the top of the crypto market, maybe in the top 30 for example, so it should be famous and have a lot of investors or a lot of institutions or companies or well - famous people are invested in it, even in the stock market, usually the ones at the top are the good stocks or blue chips that are good for long-term investing.

    4. News and Updates
    It is important to know what is happening with the cryptocurrency you buy, are there any updates on this? What are the teams doing? Is crypto better? etc. and what is the perception of the market or people in this crypto.

    5. Developers and Team
    So it is also important that we somehow know the team or people who support a cryptocurrency. Although there are many crypto anonymous developers or teams, but if it is possible to identify it, it would be better.

    Top 5 Cryptos for Long Term Investing

    5. Polkadot
    Polkadot is a cryptocurrency whose main purpose is to connect different cryptocurrencies or blockchains so that they can work together, which is one of the big problems with crypto, different cryptocurrencies have different networks or blockchains, so Polkadot solves it in the future transactions here at Polkadot will also be very fast because of what they call ​​sharding, the Polkadot team is also good and its founder is also a co-founder of Ethereum.

    4. Solana
    To me, not only most people notice, but it looks like the light version of Ethereum 2.0 that everyone is looking forward to, because Solana also looks like Ethereum, but now it's even better because transactions are faster, gas fees are also so cheaper and also more environmentally friendly compared to other cryptocurrencies, also I think that once other people discover it more, they will be able to adapt Solana better because it is actually much better than Ethereum and also has smart contracts and other features that Ethereum can.

    3. Cardano

    Cardano is a crypto hybrid, it is said to be a 3rd generation crypto, truly for the future. Although many are disappointed at the moment because the price is not really exploding yet, but if you are a long-term Cardano investor, you will have big profits here. It also has smart contracts, fast transaction speed, low transaction costs compared to Ethereum and many other promises that we will be looking forward to here at Cardano. 

    2. Ethereum

    To me, it has the potential to be number one in all cryptocurrencies, and it may really be the future cryptocurrency, because it has smart contracts, many people use it, apps, it has decentralized finance, DEX, games, and so much more. Although there are still many problems at the moment, such as the gas fee which is too high, but once the so-called Ethereum 2.0 is released, it could be the best crypto of all. 

    1. Bitcoin

    Of course, the original cryptocurrency, I believe it is one of the cryptocurrencies that we will still see in the future because of the value and the history that it has. Even though it won't be our future currency because it's too slow, but the analogy with bitcoin is right, it's digital gold, or it's a kind of investment or store of value, right now it's also number one in the crypto market for many years as well. in the future it is still possible as its supply is limited and only limited individuals are likely to have it. 

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